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Green Chemistry Campus - sustainable fibre alternatives


As a leading supplier of biobased-pots, pellets, coir products, substrates and plugs, we are continuously building on their green qualities to be a truly sustainable company. That is why Jiffy is currently looking for sustainable fibre alternatives with the help of the Green Chemistry Campus community.

flexistart-automated growing -jiffygroup

Jiffy launches Flexistart

Flexistart is the latest addition to Jiffy’s range of specialized growing media. It’s an enriched substrate that transforms from a loose fill mix into a stabilized plug by adding water.

sustainability Jiffy Group

Out now: the Jiffy Group Sustainability Report & Five-Year Plan

Jiffy’s 2021 Sustainability Report & Five-Year Plan is up for download. Find out Jiffy is facilitating sustainable horticulture. Above all, Jiffy aims to work with customers to support them in their sustainable horticulture journey. The Jiffy Group Sustainability Report & Five-Year Plan sets out how we’re going about that mission.

reduced plastics

Reducing fossil plastics and polymers

In recent years we have all become more aware of the negative environmental impact of plastics, especially on our oceans. The World Economic Forum also estimates that by 2050, plastics will be responsible for nearly 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions if we continue our current trajectory.


Power Certificate for Jiffy’s 1Plant

Jiffy has received the ‘Power Certificate’ from Everyday Heroes and Baanbrekend Drechtsteden. In the last two years, our production facility 1Plant in Zwijndrecht has welcomed 5 workers that previously had difficulty accessing the job market. This award helps us to continue making a socio-economic impact in our local area.


Engaging in the circular economy

As the global population and consumption increase, it is ever more critical to reduce the demand for natural resources. We can help by keeping raw materials and products in use for longer. That’s why engaging in the circular economy is an important pillar of Jiffy’s sustainability program.