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Fundraiser selling plants in Jiffy Pellets

Teens’ Fundraiser Grows 1,000s of Seedlings in Jiffy Pellets

Two teens grow and sell 1,000s of seedlings every year to raise money for underprivileged kids. And they use Jiffy-7 Pellets to make sure they get the best results.
Meghana Aduri (Heritage High School) and her sister Keerthana (Roach Middle School), live in Frisco, Texas. They started the fundraising initiative in 2021 through VTSeva, a 501c organization. The proceeds go to support the education of visually impaired students in developing countries.

Boys planting trees together through ForestNation's We Plant You Plant program

Celebrate Arbor Day: Help ForestNation plant 1 billion trees

It’s National Arbor Day, the perfect opportunity to honor trees and everything they do for us and the planet. Jiffy is partnering with ForestNation to celebrate in a very special way. We’re inviting everyone to participate in ForestNation’s reforestation project through Gift a Forest, their new egifting program. Simply enter your details here to plant five trees in the Jiffy Forest.

A Case Study of Client Success in Minneapolis cover

A Case Study of Client Success in Minneapolis

Jiffy - Providing Customized Solutions for Your Growing Needs | Learn how our long-term partnerships with clients, like Malmborg's Garden Center and Wagners Garden Center, have resulted in customized solutions to maximize crop yield and streamline growing processes. Contact our Regional Territory Managers to learn how Jiffy can help your business succeed.

Jiffy Achieves Responsibly Produced Peat Certification for Its Peat Products cover

Jiffy Achieves Responsibly Produced Peat Certification for Its Peat Products

Jiffy Group has announced that it has successfully completed the 'chain of custody' process to certify its peat products under the Responsibly Produced Peat (RPP) certification scheme. This certification ensures that Jiffy's European peat fields are managed and restored in a responsible way, with an environmental assessment of all potential impacts.