Cut flowers in blooming health

No more rooting difficulties

Many cut flowers have a commercially attractive short cycle. But growers often face problems like rooting difficulties, pests, and diseases. High-density propagation and production can worsen these issues, some of them caused by poor-grade substrate. Having the right cut flowers growing media can solve many issues and increase yields.

High-quality mixes

From peat to tried-and-tested coir, Jiffy’s high-quality substrates are perfect for cut flower propagation and cultivation. Make your own blocks from our mixes to suit your exact needs. Or try our Jiffy Preforma Plugs. The plugs are an all-in-one solution and encourage rapid but strong rooting.

Maximizing space, minimizing risks

We have a range of Jiffy Growbags specially designed for cut flower production. They maximize the available space and minimize the risk of pests and diseases. With the right nutrition and irrigation, they will generate high yields and stable production.

The solutions you need

We offer solutions for all your cut flowers. Whether you are in the propagation or cultivation business, we can help. Feel free to contact us for details.

For cut flowers Jiffy Go is the ultimate substrate