House Plants: Bringing home green strength and beauty

Proven results

In the potted plant business it’s all about ensuring vigorous root systems plus compact, uniform growth. Jiffy has a wide range of high-quality growing media that deliver proven results – whatever your preferred cultivation and irrigation methods. For instance, we put clay in our substrates to reduce plant stretch. Adding peat fractions, bark and/or coconut fiber creates humid but airy substrates. These are ideal for healthy root development in containers of all sizes.

Easier pest management

At Jiffy, we know pests are a common problem for plants like orchids. Our Preforma Plugs offer the perfect solution. The plugs are well aerated, even right after irrigation. They absorb the water gradually to ensure the plant grows at a steady pace. Thanks to the plugs’ open structure, they remain dry at the top, so liverwort and similar pests cannot take hold.

The solutions you need 

We offer solutions for all your potted plants. Whether you are in the propagation or cultivation business, we can help. Feel free to contact us for details.

Jiffy's Preforma plug improved our efficiency