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New knowledge in orchids growing media

Thanks to scientific research into growing orchids, cultivation methods have changed. At Jiffy, we have adapted our growing media to better meet the needs of this popular crop. Well-drained, open substrates are great for orchids production. So our substrate mixes contain coarse or medium-coarse bark mixed with coco husk.

Eliminating pests

Pests and insects are a common problem for phalaenopsis. Our Preforma Plugs are the solution. The soft and flexible plugs are well-aerated, even right after irrigation. They absorb water gradually to ensure the plant grows at a steady pace and remains compact. Thanks to the plugs’ open structure, they are almost always dry at the top, so liverwort or algae cannot take hold.

Even watering

At the same time, the plugs never become too dry to absorb water. That’s important to ensure all the seedlings in a tray get the same amount of water and develop evenly. Otherwise, the leaves of the fastest-growing orchids could block sunlight from smaller specimens in the tray. Give all your plants the best start with Jiffy.

Jiffy’s best fitting solutions for growing Orchids

Versatile solutions

Jiffy Preforma is the tailor-made plug solution of high-quality substrates. It is bound together and well-suited to both hard-to-root cutting material or demanding mechanized handling. The binder ensures easy automation and no transplant shock.

Fitting your demands

Jiffy's range of substrates include peat-reduced, peat-free and organic certified solutions. We have a long history in delivering the highest-quality substrate mixes with the most uniform characteristics, tailored and tested to meet each crop's specifications.