Jiffy’s vision

Be the innovation and service leader in sustainable plant growing solutions to feed and beautify the world.

Let us introduce ourselves

Jiffy Group

Jiffy Group is a truly global company. Our headquarters are in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. We also have locations in the US, Canada, Sri Lanka, Japan, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, and Estonia. Jiffy harvests its own peat on bogs in Sweden, the Baltic and Canada; blends quality substrates in the Netherlands, Estonia and Canada, and produces the Preforma bonded plugs in the Netherlands, USA, Spain and Japan. We also manufactures a complete line of coir products at our own facilities in Sri Lanka. 

Jiffy Portfolio

Our broad Jiffy portfolio offers you an incredible variety of options to create tailor-made solutions for your business. And we are always willing to listen to you, our clients, to help us all technically improve in order to feed and beautify the world while caring for the environment. With our portfolio of pots, pellets, coir products, substrates and plugs we aim to help your company find the best solution for your growing needs. 

Plant Propagation Systems

Jiffy is perhaps best known for the “Jiffy Pot”. This root protection and plant propagation product was launched in the early 1950s and gained huge success in the US & European markets.

Another innovative Jiffy product which is equally well-known in the growing industry today, is the Jiffy-7 pellet. This product was launched in the late 1960s and began production in North America in 1982. Today, billions of plants all over the world are started in a Jiffy in many various types of plant propagation systems. 

Thanks to the 2002 acquisition of Preforma Plant Plug Jiffy became a world leader in state-of-the art plant propagation systems. Most recently, we also become leaders in the coir (coconut fibre) market, with our own pellet factory based in Mirigama, Sri Lanka.

This facility produces not only the new Jiffy-7C pellet, but also top-quality hydroponic media such as Jiffy Growbags and Jiffy Growblocks made from RHP certified coir – as well as ingredients for Jiffy’s wide range of peat-reduced and peat-free substrate mixes. Jiffy blends quality substrates at the production locations in Estonia, The Netherlands and Canada.


Quality, Health, Environment, Safety (QHES) and Food Safety Policy

Jiffy’s vision is to be the “Innovation and service leader in sustainable plant growing solutions, to feed and beautify the world”. We are committed to offering solutions, services, and products that meet and/or exceed our clients’ expectations, to ensure excellent customer service and great customer experience that drives the organization towards success.

To ensure that, we honor a set of sustainable principles and requirements on which we lay the foundation to commit to provide continual improvements in Occupational Health and Safety, working environment, Quality, Food Safety, and Environmentally-friendly solutions, services, and products.

This set of principles is called Jiffy’s ‘QHES and Food Safety Policy’. Download it here.

®Jiffy is a registered trademark of Jiffy Products International BV. Use of the JIFFY brand, regardless of the implementation method, for commercial purposes is not permitted without the prior written consent of Jiffy Group.