Bedding plants: How to create a carpet of flowers

Substrates created for automated systems

Are you growing annuals and perennials for patio containers, hanging baskets, or ground cover? Jiffy has the right substrates for your bedding plants. Our clean, certified mixes can be depended on to flow smoothly through automated systems and fill containers evenly. Their water retention qualities and porosity ensure strongly-rooted, uniform plants packed with flowers.

Exceptional water and nutrient uptake

Jiffy’s substrates based on European block-harvested peat remain open around the roots. We also have special mixes containing perlite and clay granulate for even better water and nutrient uptake thanks to their high cation-exchange capacity.

The solutions you need

We offer growing solutions for all your bedding plants. Whether you are in the propagation or cultivation business, we can help. Feel free to contact us for details.

Bedding plants root best on Jiffy Substrates