Working towards a greener future for all

Here at Jiffy we want to reduce our impact on the environment. Above all, though, we want to support our customers in finding and using sustainable plant growing solutions that protect plants, people, profit, and planet! Our Sustainability Team, our Innovation Team, in fact everyone in our global organization, is working hard to achieve these goals. 

Huge range of eco-friendly solutions available

Did you know we first started offering our plastic-free, compostable Jiffy Pot Original back in the 1960s? Tried and tested, the pot is now available in a huge range of sizes. Many of them are specifically designed for automated sowing and transplanting systems. Our sustainable plant growing solutions also include biodegradable growblocks and pellets. Just look out for the sustainability icon on our product pages and in our leaflets.

Working to meet your sustainability needs

But Jiffy offers far more than just products. We are always happy to share our expertise, give technical advice, and answer your sustainability related questions. About Jiffy growing media, sure, but our know-how goes way beyond that. What are the most sustainable plant propagation systems? How do you start seeds or cuttings without fossil plastic? What are non-plastic alternatives for the nursery? Got a question of your own? Please reach out to us. We’ll work with you to find solutions that align with your sustainability priorities.

Find out more about Jiffy’s own sustainability journey and what we can do to support you in yours in the 2023 Jiffy Group Sustainability Report . Download it here.

Richard Stevenson
Jiffy Sustainability Manager

Reduced plastics

Reduce single-use fossil plastics and non-degradable polymers in our raw materials, processes and products.

Sustainable resources

Increase the proportion of sustainable raw materials in our product portfolio.

Reduced footprint

Reduce energy use, water use, and CO2 emissions in our production processes and global logistics.

Circular Economy

Increase Jiffy’s contribution to the circular economy in our materials and products and through cooperation with relevant customers and suppliers.

Download our Sustainability Reports & learn more about our Five-Year plan here

Read all about our sustainable solutions

Borrowing from Tomorrow: How Jiffy is Tackling Earth's Resource Crisis cover

Borrowing from Tomorrow: How Jiffy is Tackling Earth’s Resource Crisis

Earth Overshoot Day, falling on August 1st in 2024, highlights our overconsumption, as we deplete Earth's annual resources 153 days early. At Jiffy, we recognize the urgency of this issue and are committed to sustainable practices. By increasing renewable energy use, recycling materials, and adopting innovative production methods, we're working to reduce our environmental impact and push back Earth Overshoot Day. Learn more about our efforts towards a sustainable future.

Jiffy and partners committed to reforestation and restoration initiatives cover

Jiffy and partners committed to reforestation and restoration initiatives

Jiffy and its partners are at the forefront of global reforestation efforts, utilizing innovative products like Jiffy Pellets and Preforma Plugs to support tree planting initiatives across Latin America. Their commitment extends beyond supply, fostering sustainability through collaborations with local organizations and promoting best practices in ecosystem restoration.


Jiffy provides customized solution for the peat-free question: “We have the solution that also meets all requirements”

The demand for peat-free cultivated crops continues to grow. In the coming years, that demand is expected to keep growing, anticipating legislation in the United Kingdom. Transitioning to peat-free is a significant step, as acknowledged by the company Jiffy, which has added peat-free substrates to their product portfolio. The company seeks a peat-free solution for each crop.

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