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Jiffy invented the Jiffy Pot in the early 50s. After a long way of development in technology and knowledge the Jiffy Pot is still one of growers favorite!

The Jiffy Pot is also known for it’s versatility. You can use Jiffy Pots anywhere: from very traditional greenhouses, to the most advanced high-tech vertical hydroponic farms. Jiffy Pots Original are also home-compostable and approved for organic production*. They are also well-suited to mechanical handling thanks to newly-added de-stacking features. Due to these characteristics, they are often the number-one choice for food crops.

Jiffy Pot sizes range from 5.5 to 15 centimeters (round) and 4 to 9 centimeters (square), with most sizes available in pre-loaded growing trays. There is always a size that fits your demands.

Product Certifications
To guarantee the high quality standard of our products, we certify our product portfolio for organic use, biodegradability, quality, uniformity, etc. This way we help you to meet the requirements your products need in the field for organic production, sustainability, biodegradability and quality.


* Certification requirements for organic production differ per country, please check with your local Jiffy representative which requirements apply in your region.

Jiffy Pots

Professional nurseries, landscapers, greenhouse growers and hydroponic farmers all over the world can benefit from the range of advantages the Jiffy Pot provides.

You can save on labor with Jiffy Pots because you don’t need to de-pot: simply pot on or plant out – Jiffy Pot and all. You get faster rooting with a Jiffy Pot than with a plastic pot, thanks to no root disturbance and less root-zone temperature fluctuations.

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  • Stronger roots
  • Sustainable
  • Zero plastic
Jiffy Pot nursery perennials

Jiffy Pot Original

The Jiffy Pot first came onto the market in the 1950’s and since then it is not an exaggeration to say it has revolutionized global retail growing. The Jiffy Pot Original is the “classic” version of the Jiffy Pot.

Fast, easy, money-saving, compostable and organic-approved. Jiffy Pot Original is the go-to solution for all professional growers seeking pots, strips (pots joined together in strips) and poly-packs for an extremely wide range of growing applications.

  • Home compostable
  • Saving time
  • Organic

Jiffy Pot R2

If you are a professional grower seeking a biodegradable pot which needs to stand up for extended periods of time, you need the Jiffy Pot R2. For example, if you grow aggressive rooting nursery plants which are overwintered in a cold frame, these are the pots for you.

Also, if you are a hydroponic farmer growing crops such as herbs and lettuce which are then sold on the retail market as a living plant with a 100% biodegradable and non-toxic container – the Jiffy Pot R2 is the perfect solution.

  • Suitable for hydroponics
  • Suitable for overwintering
  • Rigid and strong

Jiffy Speedypot

If you are looking for a “container and label in one” solution, then the Speedypot is the answer. This biodegradable Jiffy Pot has a shrink-wrap “jacket” which creates an attractive product for any retail situation.

The Speedypot has all the advantages of a 100% biodegradable pot: made of peat and wood pulp, it is clean, strong and mechanically easy to handle. Once the wrap is removed, it is ready to be planted directly into the garden or plant container and is 100% biodegradable.

  • Partnership
  • Solution driven
  • Innovative


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Jiffy Pots – Automated Greenhouse use


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Product catalog

As a professional grower in horticulture and forestry, you seek the most innovative plant growing solutions to improve your efficiency and product quality. We at Jiffy have the best solutions to help you create more yield with less waste.

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Jiffy Pot Sleeve

The Jiffy Pot Sleeve reduces in-store waste significant; less dehydration and damage due to consumer handling. On top of this you can create your own design, making it fit your product line.

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Plastic free

Jiffy Plastic-Free Solutions
The eco-friendly choice
for the whole value chain

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Jiffy pots: landscaping

Landscaping is all about beautifying and energizing communities. But now, more than ever, we must all work together to ensure the sustainability of those communities for years to come.

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Jiffy coco growing media is bestseller in South Africa

Coco products for Africa Camel Thorn Horticulture is South Africa’s main importer of Jiffy products. Based out of Johannesburg, it offers coco growing media and peat products, all with Jiffy’s certifications and guarantees. The Jiffy range already includes seedling pellets, compostable pots, growbags, microgreen trays and planks, Preforma plugs, growblocks and it’s expanding all the…

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Papaya propagation in India with Jiffy-7C

Papaya propagation in India with Jiffy-7C pellets is a success. In this story, the numerous benefits are discussed with a prominent grower.

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Jiffy Pots in an automated process; a strawberry story

In this video, we visit a grower in Belgium (Dataflor) who has successfully implemented Jiffy Pots for a new Bio-line in his automated strawberry production. He explains how the Jiffy Pots work with the potting machine, and how it helps him to offer a product he is proud of.

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An organic future at Biosund

This story is about growing with an organic mindset, and about the transition from plastic- to Jiffy Pots.

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The green city of Amiens

Amiens is a large, expanding city in the north of France. Aiming to become a greener, more sustainable city, an inspiring sustainable landscaping project was initiated.

Jiffy Pot nursery perennials

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