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Jiffy Group announces two new circularity targets

Our two new circularity targets confirm our intention to increase our use of recycled plastic. We support the reclaiming of ‘waste’ plastics, reducing the risk of those plastics contaminating the soil, ending up in the ocean, or being burned.



Today Jiffy® Group and GROWFOAM® announced their collaboration in the Middle East and Asia by signing a letter of intent at the Greentech 2021 fair in Amsterdam. Jiffy Group will be Growfoam’s exclusive distributing partner for these markets and will expand their product portfolio with the biodegradable, clean and sustainable GROWFOAM® substrate.


Solar Panels Sri Lanka

Solar power being implemented at various Jiffy locations. By reducing the use of energy, we can lower our carbon footprint. This is an update from Sri Lanka.

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Jiffy’s European substrates now available in America

On October 2nd , 2020 Jiffy is introducing their finest European quality peat substrates in the US. Jiffy now offers 26 mixes formulated to fit different crops. Thanks to our global experience, we can offer solutions for a wide range of plant types and growing styles. The new range includes specialist mixes for annuals, vegetables, potted plants, soft fruits, and cannabis.