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A peat-free powerhouse

The Jiffy Growbag is the most powerful multipurpose growing medium available on the market today. Jiffy Growbags contain 100% coco substrate, made from the pithy tissues of the coconut husk. This is a renewable, environmentally-friendly substrate with no disposability issues.  

Jiffy Growbag

The Jiffy Growbag has unbeatable rooting characteristics. It can be used with a very broad range of crops. The Jiffy Growbag can be delivered with or without pre-cut planting and drainage holes. Jiffy Growbags are made of 100% RHP Foundation Certified coco substrate and in three different types: High Yield, Husk Chips (HC) and 50-50 mixes. These bags can be used for multiple cultivation cycles.

The bags are supplied dry from our factories in Sri Lanka. This means they are compressed and light, making them easy and efficient to transport and store. They are also ready-to-use: no washing, buffering, mixing, or additives required: just add water and fertilizer solution and the Jiffy Growbag is ready to be planted.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Faster growth, higher yield
  • Multiple cultivation cycles

Jiffy High Yield Growbag

The Jiffy High Yield Growbag is double-layered: the top layer is coco pith, which improves root development and therefore ensures the quick-start of growth. The bottom layer an airy substrate made of husk chips which has a high air content and ensures optimal oxygen diffusion rates in the root zone.

  • Peat free
  • Food safe
  • Solution driven

Jiffy 5050 Growbags

Jiffy 5050 Growbags are often used for specific crops such as roses and strawberry. They contain a special combination of 50% coco pith and 50% husk chips, mixed for the best possible filling. The Jiffy 5050 has higher water-holding capacity, which makes it perfect for growing in hotter climates.

  • Stronger roots
  • Peat free
  • Food safe

Jiffy Husk Chips (HC) Growbag

The Jiffy Husk Chips (HC) Growbag contains 100% husk chips and is perfect for growing crops which prefer airy substrates. These bags are used most in moderate climate zones for plants which like to be watered intensively, without drowning the root zone.

  • Partnership
  • Solution driven
  • Innovative

The HC Growbag has a very high air content (44%) when saturated with water. The HC Growbag therefore ensures the correct oxygen level in the root zone to ensure successful growing right up to the end of the season.

EasyFill Growbag

Some professional growers prefer a container system with increased height to encourage root development. Jiffy EasyFill is all about the height. The Easyfill has a foldable open top, which once unfolded, creates a deep, open container. There are six different sizes of Jiffy EasyFill Growbags, from 16 x 18.5 x 16 centimetres up to 32 x 32 x 20 centimetres.

  • Stronger roots
  • Food safe
  • Solution driven

The fillings for the EasyFill Growbags are available in the same three varieties shown above: High Yield, 5050 and HC, all of which have a pH value of between 5.5 and 6.5.

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