Soilless cultivation: what is it and how can it be used?

In a world where agricultural innovation is becoming an absolute necessity, soilless cultivation is emerging as an approach that defies tradition and ushers in a new era of plant propagation.

As resources become more precious and space becomes scarce, this unconventional growing method offers a bold solution that redefines the way we grow plants and connect with nature.

In this article, we explore the fundamentals and benefits of soil-less farming and explain how Jiffy is leading the way towards sustainability in this new agricultural frontier.

What is soilless growing?

Soilless growing, also known as hydroponics, is based on the idea that plants can grow and thrive without the need for a traditional substrate. Instead of using soil, plant roots are immersed in a nutrient solution containing the nutrients essential for their growth.

This approach has significant advantages, particularly in urban environments and limited spaces, where soil can be a precious resource.

By eliminating dependence on soil, soilless cultivation optimizes space, allowing greater crop density in smaller areas. It also reduces water requirements by delivering nutrients directly to plant roots, minimizing wastage and evaporation.

This technique not only conserves valuable resources, but also offers greater efficiency in the use of nutrients, resulting in faster, healthier plant growth.

Principles of soilless cultivation

These principles form the backbone of soil-less cultivation:

1. Aeration

In soilless cultivation, the substrate provides an optimum balance between water retention and air circulation. This ensures that the roots can breathe properly, avoiding asphyxiation problems and promoting healthy growth.

2. Water

The nutrient solution administered directly to the roots ensures constant water regulation, avoiding the over- or under-irrigation that can occur with traditional methods.

3. Solutes

In soilless cultivation, nutrients are delivered in precise proportions, ensuring that plants receive the elements they need for optimum growth. The result is more balanced and vigorous development.

4. Temperature

Soilless cultivation allows the temperature of the root system to be controlled. This factor influences nutrient uptake and plant metabolism, so maintaining the right temperature in the root system promotes efficient growth.

Growing media and their impact on propagation

The choice of growing medium is fundamental to the process of plant propagation. Substrates are more than just a means of supporting roots, as they play a part in the development and health of plants in areas such as :

  • Water and air retention: a well-aerated substrate prevents clogging and asphyxiation of the roots, while adequate water retention ensures constant hydration of the plants.
  • Available nutrients: a well-balanced substrate provides the nutrients plants need to grow. Some substrates are pre-loaded with nutrients, while others require the addition of fertilisers.
  • pH and stability: a substrate with a balanced pH helps plants to absorb nutrients efficiently. In addition, a stable substrate prevents sudden changes in soil conditions.
  • Compatibility and plant species: some substrates are better suited to certain species because of their composition and characteristics. The choice of substrate should be in line with the plants being propagated.
  • Durability and decomposition: durable substrates are those that have the least environmental impact and are biodegradable. These decompose over time, enriching the soil with organic matter and reducing waste production.

Technologies to optimise soilless propagation

A leader in sustainable solutions for plant propagation, Jiffy offers tools that promote soilless cultivation and increase agricultural efficiency.


Growbags are a versatile and highly effective solution for soilless cultivation. Designed to optimize space and resources, Jiffy Growbags provide a balanced growing environment for plant growth.

Its ability to retain water and air, combined with a precise supply of nutrients, provides an optimum environment for root development.


Jiffy's Glowblocks take soilless propagation to a new level with the incorporation of lighting technology. As well as providing an effective substrate, these blocks provide the lighting needed for seedlings to root early.

This unique combination accelerates growth and gives greater control over the propagation process.

Jiffy Pellets and substrate solutions

Jiffy Pellets and other Jiffy Substrates have been designed with the principles of soilless cultivation in mind. These substrates provide the right balance of aeration, water retention, and nutrients, making it easier for plants to take root and grow healthily.

What's more, its biodegradable nature contributes to sustainability and waste reduction.

Jiffy Pots

Jiffy Pots are another of Jiffy's innovative technologies. These biodegradable containers offer a smooth transition from propagation to transplanting, eliminating root stress and promoting continuous, healthy growth.

Enjoy the benefits of soilless growing

Jiffy's innovative solutions optimize efficiency and production and emphasize the importance of sustainability at every stage of the process.

By adopting technologies like Growbags, Growblocks and Jiffy Pots, we're embracing a more conscious way of growing, where resources are used precisely and plants thrive in optimal environments. We're paving the way for a greener, more productive agricultural future, uniting innovation with environmental responsibility.

If you feel inspired by the possibilities of soilless growing and would like to explore them further, we invite you to explore our article "ABCs of growing media: How to choose the right substrate".

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