Propagation plug solution for every grower

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution of highest-quality substrates? Something well-suited to both hard-to-root cutting material and easy-to-propagate crops? Or do you need something made for mechanized handling? The Jiffy Preforma plant plug system is the answer. Professional growers worldwide benefit from the flexibility of Jiffy Preforma Plugs. You control which trays are supplied, choose from a selection of substrates, and Preforma is ready to go, right off the delivery pallet. Preforma has a proven track record for a wide variety of seeds, cuttings and tissue culture in the propagation of ornamental, vegetable, perennial and bedding plant crops.

Jiffy Preforma Plugs

Jiffy Preforma Plugs

Preforma plugs consistently retain an air content of 30% or more, which means no compaction, even under heavy misting conditions. This makes it an ideal propagation medium, providing an optimal environment for uniform and fast rooting.

  • Ready-to-go
  • Fast rooting
  • Automation

The plant plug binder’s structure ensures no transplant shock. This means you can ship or transplant the plugs earlier, freeing up valuable bench space in order to rotate the crops faster.

Jiffy Preforma plugs are available for many different crops. But over the years we developed some crop specialties such as: orchids, soft fruits, perennial from cuttings or TC, pot plants.

Orchid Plugs

Orchid growers dealing with sensitive Phalaenopsis plants know that this genus requires very special treatment. Jiffy Orchid Plugs are specifically designed for growing orchids. The Orchid Plug is well-aired, even right after irrigation, to avoid excess moisture. Not too wet, and not too dry is the secret to consistent orchid production. The top of the plug will remain dry, thanks to its open structure, in order to prevent liverwort or other stifling algae.

  • Stronger roots
  • Saving time
  • Partnership

This high-quality substrate system developed over years of experience, is ideal for growers seeking reliable, consistent, quality plants with superior rooting. The plugs are easy to open, making inserting young plants easy. The substrate itself is specifically developed to have the correct pH and EC for orchids.

Jiffy Box Plug Preforma

Box Plugs

Professional growers who need a superior substrate plug which can be put straight into trays on location, choose the Preforma Box Plug. This is the best high-quality plug for those looking for a smart economical solution. The Jiffy Box Plug was developed specifically for export and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  • Stronger roots
  • Partnership
  • Solution driven

Jiffy Box Plugs are available in different sizes: 20/40 with a sticking hole; 30/50 with a slit and 30/50 with a sticking hole.

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