Improving production with Jiffy Preforma

Serres Yargeau, located in Sherbrooke in the province of Quebec, Canada, produces annual flowers, vegetable plants, and poinsettias for the retail market, mainly in Quebec and the United States. At Serres Yargeau, it is the quality of the product that is paramount. Since Serres' creation, the company has built a solid reputation with its customers based on the exceptional quality of its production.

And producing thousands of healthy, vigorous plants from cuttings is not easy. Rooting the plants in an optimal and, most importantly, uniform manner is a major challenge—that is why Serres Yargeau is using Jiffy Preforma. The Jiffy Preforma product has made a significant difference in improving the performance of plants for Serres Yargeau.

The Preforma effect at Serres Yargeau

The different varieties of plants produced at Serres Yargeau each have their own particular needs. The rooting of acid-loving plants, in particular, represents a major challenge.

Since Preforma is available in several pH levels, it is possible to offer the right basis to all plants without having to compensate for deficiencies or to create specific fertilization programs.

In addition to pH, Preforma is specially designed to hold its shape. Since there is no compaction, drainage and air circulation are optimal to promote root establishment. Each tray is uniform and provides consistent rooting and production.

Other substrates previously used by the company had a long rooting time and reached a point of water saturation which caused a problem of fungus gnats and algae on the surface.

Thanks to an optimal aeration the structure of Preforma allows a more efficient and much faster rooting, which represents a clear advantage since the production times are reduced, as well as the risk of seeing the development of phytosanitary problems such as moss or fungus gnats.

Preforma and sustainability

Besides making a significant impact on rooting time and plant quality, Jiffy Preforma's perforated pellets facilitate the planting process, further improving efficiency. This product is simple to use and easy to manipulate, making the work of horticulturists much easier. The product's hermetic packaging also allows easy shipments and a long storage time.

This product is also perfectly in line with Serres Yargeau's sustainable development policy. Since its implementation, waste has greatly decreased, and pesticide applications are less frequent.

The owner, Bruno Ménard, and his daughter Camille, who is the aspiring successor, are changing the company's practices and are making the transition to using the least amount of pesticides possible and making more biological control. Preforma is one more step in the right direction.

"Don't hesitate to try Jiffy Preforma for your productions. With the results you'll get, you'll quickly be convinced to adopt the product, and you'll find your life as a plant producer greatly facilitated." – Bruno Ménard, owner of Serres Yargeau.

Discover Preforma in our video realized at Serres Yargeau.

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Versatile solutions

Jiffy Preforma is the tailor-made plug solution of high-quality substrates. It is bound together and well-suited to both hard-to-root cutting material or demanding mechanized handling. The binder ensures easy automation and no transplant shock.