Jiffy Pots in an automated process; a strawberry story

This story is about Wouter David, a grower in Belgium (Dataflor) who has successfully implemented Jiffy Pots in an automated process. He wanted a solution for a new Bio-line in his automated strawberry production. He explains how the Jiffy Pots work with the potting machine, and how it helps him to offer a product he can be proud of.

Adding sustainable Pots to the portfolio

Wouter David, the grower at Dataflor, explains that there is an increasing demand for organic products in the retail sector. Therefore, he wanted to add a new line to the many different strawberry and chrysanthemum products he offers. This new line should ideally be able to pass certification as an organic product. As the rules in Belgium are quite strict, he worked with Jiffy to get the right input materials in order to achieve this. With organic seedlings, Jiffy substrates and the Jiffy Pots, he was able to offer something great for conscious consumers and retailers. To complete the package, Wouter added paper-based labels and trays.

Why Jiffy Pots?

After various tests and trials, Wouter concluded that Jiffy Pots were his favorite pick. Both in terms of quality and in pricing. For Jiffy, this confirmed the commitment we have to keep perfecting this pot since its invention in the 1950’s. One point of attention was the presentation of the final product. The time between potting the seedlings, to the pot being sold in the garden center, is quite significant. Therefore, we need the pot to look good and clean on the retail shelf. With the Jiffy team, the right formula was selected.

Using Jiffy Pots in an automated process

Plastic pots have long been the standard solution for many growers. But this is changing. However, this change brings certain challenges. For example, handling machines that are built for plastic pots. In this case, we worked together to find a way for Wouter to use his automated potting machine with our Jiffy Pots. After some alterations on both the machine and the pot shape, we found a setting that worked. Now, Wouter is using Jiffy Pots in an automated process by inserting pots in bulk to the machine, where the pots are automatically filled with Jiffy substrate from a big bale. This significantly speeds up his process and saves on labor costs. In the video, you will see the potting process in more detail.

Developing sustainable growing solutions together

This story shows that it takes teamwork to make a dream work. A grower like Wouter, who is willing to openly communicate his wishes and concerns is of great value, as we have the tools to design the right product. Together, we could develop the right sustainable growing solution for Dataflor. A solution that benefits the grower, benefits the earth, and allows the end-consumer to plant beautiful, tasty strawberries.

Watch the video (on the right) now, and see for yourself.

Alf Andersen

Product Manager Jiffy Pots

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The compostable classic

Jiffy Pots Original are 100% “home-compostable and approved for organic production. No chemicals are used during the manufacture of Jiffy Pots, which makes them the number-one choice for food crops.

Fitting your demands

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