First Trials of Biodegradable Jiffy Pot in China

The biodegradable Jiffy Pot has always been home compostable, meaning growers don’t face disposability issues. Now trials in China confirm the Jiffy Pot can help growers produce vegetables sustainably.

Biodegradable alternative to plastic

To check the biodegradable plant pot’s potential as an alternative to plastic containers, Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture (VCA) used it to grow hydroponic lettuce over a six-month period.

Jiffy China worked with the Beijing Ruixue Global Company to facilitate the VCA trials. Smart agriculture specialist Ruixue Global helped the college build the project and provided technical support.

Range of benefits

“The college was looking for an environmentally friendly container, but several other factors are also very important to growers in China,” says Beijing Ruixue’s Mr. Chen Shuhong. “For instance, Jiffy Pots are produced at production locations that are ISO 22000 Food Safety certified. Food safety is a key concern with Chinese consumers, and therefore for our horticulture sector.”

Clean and robust: Ideal for automated systems

The VCA trials also confirmed the Jiffy Pot is compatible with many automated growing methods, even if they include irrigation systems that are sensitive to fibers. This can be an issue with products like paper plugs where debris could contaminate the filters.

The robust Jiffy Pot does not fall apart during handling by robots or humans, and protects the plant throughout its growth cycle.

Minimizes transplant shock

The VCA trials looked at other issues affecting growers, such as losses due to transplant shock. During the trials, the biodegradable pot was shown to minimize this risk:

  • It encouraged stronger, faster root growth than conventional containers by allowing the roots to emerge through the pot’s walls.
  • The developing plant could be transplanted to a larger container or growbag without having to remove the Jiffy Pot.
  • Made from peat and other natural materials, the pot simply broke down in the new substrate.

Very strong program

An additional advantage for growers is the strong Jiffy Pot program, with sizes from 4.5 cm – 17 cm and with differentiated strength features, which means it fits many segments. The entire program is home compostable.

“The conventional approach is cheaper under regular circumstances,” says Ruixue Global’s Mr. Chen. “But the VCA trials clearly showed the biodegradable Jiffy Pot offers growers numerous benefits to plastic containers.”

Going forward, Ruixue Global will be Jiffy’s dealer specializing in Jiffy Pots for hydroponic projects in China. A new Jiffy Pot project is already underway.

Jiffy Pots, a biodegradable solution for Leafy Greens

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The compostable classic

Jiffy Pots Original are 100% “home-compostable and approved for organic production. No chemicals are used during the manufacture of Jiffy Pots, which makes them the number-one choice for food crops.