Meet David van Eersel, intern

Hi, my name is David van Eersel. I did a six-month bioinformatics internship at Jiffy Group’s 1Plant in Zwijndrecht in 2021. It was part of my Bioinformatics degree. Bioinformatics combines science and IT to manage biological data.

Applying data in the substrate sector

I was very lucky that I could intern at Jiffy. I wanted to learn more about applying data in horticulture, especially the substrate sector. But it was difficult to find an agriculture or horticulture internship because so many people were working from home due to Covid.

“I was really lucky to do my internship horticulture at Jiffy. And I feel I contributed something.”

A new SOR tool

At 1Plant, I used my IT and programming skills to improve the Substrate Order Request system. I helped build a tool that predicts the properties of a substrate based on its raw materials. The current system only calculate a mix’s water-holding capacity at -10 cm.

Making a difference

The new tool generates graphs that show the water availability, of each substrate at different levels of pressure. Very useful information for growers and the sales team! The coolest thing is that people at 1Plant are very impressed by its accuracy and after thorough testing will implement it in their system. And they can keep updating it with new raw materials. I feel like I really contributed something.

Friendly atmosphere

The atmosphere at Jiffy was very friendly, especially in the Innovation Department. Tara Duggan, Jiffy’s Product Innovator, rapidly answered any questions I had. And I could collect the data myself and get to work on it right away, because the lab was right next door to my office.

Knowledgeable & approachable people

In short, an internship at Jiffy Group can really have a positive impact on your resume. You’ll find knowledgeable people who are also approachable. A pretty unique combination!