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Introducing - Jiffy Group

We are Jiffy. We supply our customers with growing media for plant propagation and cultivation. Our vision is to be the innovation and service leader in sustainable plant growing solutions, to feed and beautify the world.

We share research with growers, universities, and other industry leaders around the globe. This enables us to create innovative, evidence-based solutions for growers. We are always learning more about how plants flourish, and how to create the best growing environment for their roots.

Our knowledgeable, passionate, and reliable crew produces Jiffy pots, Jiffy plugs, Jiffy pellets, Jiffy growbags, Jiffy growblocks, and Jiffy substrate mixes. With these products, we help growers find the right solution for their crops. We combine the knowledge of our specialists around the world to solve growing challenges in all kinds of scenarios.

We use high-quality raw materials for our growing media. Most of our peat and coir ingredients are harvested, processed, and mixed in our own facilities in Canada, Estonia, Sri Lanka, and India. We are strongly focused on offering peat-reduced and peat-free products, using components like bark, coco chips, and wood fibers. Thanks to our strategic production locations, we can efficiently serve customers all around the world.

Our sustainable plant growing solutions

Our Jiffy growbag and Jiffy growblock are used in a wide range of hydroponic systems. They offer a clean and flexible solution for all kinds of growers. They are shipped as dry, compact and compressed items which helps to keep logistic expenses down and lower their footprint. To read more about our footprint and sustainability goals, click here.

The Jiffy Pot is where it all started, about 65 years ago. This peat pot, or biodegradable pot as a long history, but we’re still working every day to improve it more. It is now suited for a larger range of crops, and has become a household name in global horticulture.

Jiffy Pellets are dry, compressed discs that, after absorbing water, offer multiple advantages for both the young plant and the grower. For many growers, the Jiffy Pellet has brought positive change. On our website, you can read some of these stories.

When it comes to superior growth and automation, Jiffy Preforma plugs are well-known. With years of success, it has proven to be the number one choice for a wide variety of seeds, cuttings and tissue culture propagation. Examples of crops that benefit from a start in Preforma are: ornamental, vegetable, perennial and bedding plant crops.

Jiffy substrates are mixed to serve the grower in the best way possible. By tailoring the mixes to a crop, climate, and type of growing, Jiffy offers substrate solutions for many professional growers.

Growing the future

We are seeing a rapid increase in demand for food-safe products and for solutions that benefit the earth. We aim to create solutions that use less water, that can be produced locally, and that are biodegradable or recyclable. Great developments are happening within this field, and we are working closely with the leading innovators in our industry. Together, we can offer high-tech solutions to overcome the challenges growers face today.


Let’s develop sustainable plant growing solutions together.