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Jiffy Pot Automation

Jiffy Pots in an automated process; a strawberry story

In this video, we visit a grower in Belgium (Dataflor) who has successfully implemented Jiffy Pots for a new Bio-line in his automated strawberry production. He explains how the Jiffy Pots work with the potting machine, and how it helps him to offer a product he is proud of.


Coffee for the future

Ruben Mejia is the grower and owner at Villa Clara Coffee in the Caldas region, Colombia. He was looking for a solution for root defects, plastic waste, and lower dropout rates.

villaserre peppers jiffy growbags

Homogenous growing media for consistent crops

In this interview with Carlos Borja, a pepper grower in Mexico, is about the use of Jiffy Growbags in a successful greenhouse. He explains that in his experience, a successful operation is more than just a good quality growbag.