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A professional grower wants the optimal growing media mixes best suited to their crops. That sounds simple, but this involves a huge range of variables. Every crop demands a reliable and consistent substrate composition to ensure optimal yield, plant stability, nutrient supply, water retention and ultimately, plant quality. Growers today also see more demand for organic crops and environmentally-friendly cultivation methods. The reusability and safe disposal properties of substrates are increasingly important in our industry, and we are happy it is. Our substrate solutions answer today’s demands for professional plant production.

Product Certifications
To guarantee the high quality standard of our products, we certify our product portfolio for organic use, biodegradability, quality, uniformity, etc. This way we help you to meet the requirements your products need in the field for organic production, sustainability, biodegradability and quality.

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Flexistart is an enriched all-natural substrate that transforms from a loose fill mix into a stabilized plug by adding water. It works with most flat filling equipment, tray size, seeding or sticking method, and transplanting machinery. It provides efficient in-line changeover, enabling just-in-time production.

  • Excellent handling
  • Time and labor saving
  • Minimizes waste

During trials, Flexistart consistently outperformed the control in root development, plant uniformity, and flower count. It offers a fully enforced dibble structure. This ensures centered seed placement and complete contact for unrooted cuttings – every time. The exceptional plug integrity minimizes soil loss, whether you are grading, transplanting, or shipping young plant material.

Flexistart is commercially available in North America and open for trialing in Europe.

Watch the Flexistart introduction video here.

Jiffy Substrates

Jiffy Substrates

Jiffy’s range of substrates include peat-reduced, peat-free and organic certified solutions. We also have a long history of knowledge and experience in delivering the highest-quality substrate mixes for plant production with the most uniform characteristics, tailored and tested to meet each crop’s specifications, every time. Jiffy blends quality substrates at modern production facilities in a number of locations across the world, in order to guarantee the best physical characteristics.

  • Very reliable
  • Highest quality
  • Tailor made

Jiffy GO range

The Jiffy GO substrate mix range caters for a very wide range of crop applications. There is a Jiffy GO solution for bedding, propagation, vegetable, nursery stock and perennial or other greenhouse crops. The GO brand range has over 30 different standard substrate mixes to meet your specific needs. While normally delivered in 70-litre bags, Jiffy GO can also be delivered to you in 50 Liter bags, big bales and big bags, or loose.

  • Stronger roots
  • Plant resilience
  • Compact growth

There are six categories of Jiffy GO Mixes: seeds and cuttings; bedding plant production; pot plant production; nursery stock and perennials; mixes for organic production; and mixes for vegetable plant propagation.


North America’s professional growers know Jiffy-Mix and Jiffy-Mix Plus as substrate mixes which are among the most trusted brands on the market. While Jiffy-Mix is the ideal solution for seed germination and unrooted cuttings, Jiffy-Mix Plus is ideal for transplanting rooted cuttings or vegetables.

  • Stronger roots
  • Plant resilience
  • Partnership

Jiffy-Mix incorporates the world’s highest-quality substrate ingredients such as RHP-certified coir coconut pith, blends of block-cut European peat as well as longer-fibred grades of Canadian peat.


Jiffy’s TPS peat substrate mixes are delivered directly from our modern mixing facility in Estonia and are used for many crop applications. TPS substrates are fine-to-coarse structured mixes which contain specific blends of white and black peat, block peat and coir coconut pith.

  • Stronger roots
  • Saving time
  • Partnership

The mixes also include Tref Base Fertilizer TBF which provide the nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) in the required balance, as well as trace elements, to ensure healthy plant growth.


Today’s ultramodern high-tech growers need special substrates which can meet their specific demands. For example, vegetable growers who produce young plants in small plugs using automated planting equipment need substrate which holds together during the rigors of automated handling and transplanting. Jiffy FORMiT substrate blend is designed specifically for today’s highly automated growing facilities.  The FORMiT product line contains a special mineral binder which keeps the plug together when run through automated transplanters or field planting equipment.

  • Stronger roots
  • Saving time
  • Solution driven

The stable FORMiT plug, a lack of transplant shock and a more efficient use of planting equipment, thanks to fewer misses in the field, saves labor on re-planting missed spots, and results ultimately in higher yields.

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