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Jiffy Pellets are an open-wall, net container and medium all in one. They are easy to work with, economical to ship (being supplied as lightweight, highly compressed, dry discs) and they transplant well, either into larger containers, or directly into the ground.

PLA Netting
Reducing the use of plastic in packaging and production purposes is an important global issue. Jiffy is now in the process of switching from PE and PP plastics to PLA netting for all Jiffy Pellets. PLA net is a lightweight (12-gram weight), fine-fibre bio-web made of polylactic acid. This material is designed for any growing applications. The PLA net is biodegradable and compostable under controlled, industrial conditions. It is certified according to the harmonized European standard EN13432.

Product Certifications
To guarantee the high quality standard of our products, we certify our product portfolio for organic use, biodegradability, quality, uniformity, etc. This way we help you to meet the requirements your products need in the field for organic production, sustainability, biodegradability and quality.

New Jiffy Pellet Tool
Introducing the Jiffy Pellets Tool, your solution for choosing the perfect Quick Soil Mix (QSM) to fill your Jiffy Pots! When combine Jiffy products, you can achieve outstanding results. Check the tool to choose the best option of Jiffy QSM Pellet to Jiffy Pots.

Jiffy Pellets

Propagating seeds and cuttings or tissue culture with Jiffy Pellets has a number of clear advantages for the professional grower. You can consistently record higher and faster levels of in-pot germination thanks to the uniform growing in Jiffy Pellets, consistent quality, means consistent results. Your plant yields will be higher as seedlings do not have to be removed from the container, the pellet eliminates root disturbance, and simply planted into the nest growing stage without transplant shock. These shorter growing process cycles also mean considerable labor-savings and water-use reduction. Jiffy Pellets are a logical choice for professional propagators who want to be more profitable. The pellets are made from either 100% peat or a mixture of peat and Jiffy’s own-manufactured RHP-certified coco substrate, or 100% coco substrate. Most Jiffy pellets are available preloaded in many European and North American tray standards, as well as on poly-roll (pre-spaced pellets on a roll) or as bulk pellets for loading into standard industry trays. The 100% peat and the coir/peat mix pellets have the medium exposed to high temperature flash drying to create a sterile substrate.

  • Better, faster germination
  • Labor-saving
  • Lower water use

Jiffy-7 – The Original

Many professional propagators may be familiar with the Jiffy-7 pellet. The Jiffy-7 has a long track-record and is currently available in a wide variety of sizes, tray configurations and media choices to fit all growers’ needs. If you are looking for a clean and cost-effective propagation solution which is well-suited to almost any crop, and is configured with most existing automation systems, then the Jiffy-7 is the best solution.

  • Stronger roots
  • Food safe
  • Sustainable
JA hand holding Jiffy pellet for the forestry segment

Jiffy-7C – 100% Peat Free

Many modern professional plant propagators in greenhouses and nurseries are today choosing the Jiffy-7C pellet as their preferred option. If you are looking for a rooting medium which can be applied in a wide range of highly stressing conditions, the Jiffy-7C pellet fits the bill. The 7C contains 100% RHP-certified coco-substrate enclosed in netting. This coco-substrate is manufactured at Jiffy’s own plant in Sri Lanka, and is made using a by-product of the coconut industry. Rooting plants which prefer well-aerated, fast draining plugs benefit particularly well from the Jiffy-7C. Growers seeking a peat-free propagation system choose the Jiffy-7C.

  • Stronger roots
  • Peat free
  • Sustainable

Quick Soil Mix (QSM) Pellets

Growers looking for the most efficient solution to fill pots with soil-less substrate turn to Jiffy QSM pellets. These pellets are manufactured without netting. For growers and retail suppliers, they have all the benefits of lower logistics and storage costs due to the pellets being supplied as highly compressed, dry discs instead of bags of loose substrate. QSM pellets come in two mix varieties: compressed 100% peat substrate or compressed 100% RHP-certified coco-substrate. QSM pellets are available in a wide range of sizes to suit many containers.
QSM Pellets are the perfect match for Jiffy pots! To find your ideal QSM pellets for Jiffy Pots, check out the Jiffy Pellets Tool today!

Tool to check QSM Pellets for Jiffy Pots!
  • Sustainable
  • Zero plastic
  • Solution driven

Jiffy Coco Disk

Gerbera and orchid growers who want maximum structural stability and an optimal water/air ratio for their cultivation need to look no further: the Jiffy CD, or Coco Disk, has been specially designed for Gerbera cultivation. The Jiffy CD contain 100% RHP-certified coconut husk chips, an environmentally friendly and sustainable medium. The husk chips are washed and buffered to guarantee against high Na and K values and avoiding excessive conductivity. Orchid-growers can also use customized sizes of Jiffy CDs for their production.

  • Peat free
  • Sustainable
  • Zero plastic


Would you like to find out more about Jiffy Pellets? Check out our videos.

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Jiffy 7C Pellets – Leafy Greens in Aquaponics


Not sure if the Jiffy Pellets could be the solution for your business? Read the most frequently asked questions here. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to us by filling out our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

  • What is a Jiffy Pellet exactly?

    Jiffy Pellet is a plant plug with an expansion rate after adding water. The pellet comes compressed and will be ready to use after adding water.

  • What makes Jiffy Pellet unique?

    The dry, compressed form together with the (biodegradable) netting.  J7 Peat Pellets are heat treated, and J7C Pellets are specially washed and buffered for immediate use.

  • Is a Jiffy Pellet airy?

    The combination of peat moss and coir pith, or 100% coir pith, guarantees the perfect air-water-ratio for seed germination and root development.  We also have the 100% peat moss J7.

  • What about water holding capacity?

    The combination of peat moss and coir pith guarantees the Easy Available Water (EAW). Peat has a bigger EAW, coir has less. The combination of the two growing media guarantees the perfect air-water-ratio for seed germination and root development. guarantees the perfect air-water-ratio for seed germination and root development.

  • Is the Jiffy Pellet mix unique, or can we get crop specific mixes?

    Yes, the mix is unique. Based on 50 years’ experience we have created a uniform mix, existing of peat moss and coir pith. The J7 & J7C have a proven record with a great range of crops.

  • What is the main purpose of the Jiffy Pellets?

    J7/J7C is used both for seed germination and for cutting propagation.

  • Is Jiffy Pellet only used in ornamentals?

    No, J7/J7C is commonly used in horticulture: ornamentals, vegetables, forestry, vine crops, nursery stock, TC.

  • Can you get the Jiffy Pellet delivered in a tray?

    Yes, all pellets. We offer a great range of so-called J7/J7C pellet-packs: J7/J7C delivered in a tray, next to the J7/J7C single (delivered in cartons) and the most common pellet-tray-combinations we can offer a tailor-made pellet-pack.

  • How to prepare the Jiffy Pellet before use?

    As the J7/J7C comes dry and compressed it needs to be expanded. Water can be added with a Jiffy Expandomatic machine or, if not available, with standard (overhead) irrigation systems. Talk with us to learn about our partners.

  • Is Jiffy Pellet suitable for automation?

    Yes. J7 or J7C can be loaded into trays on site with pellet loading machinery. Pellet-packs can be used with all common transplanting machines.

  • Your question doesn't appear here. Please contact us.

    If you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ, don’t hesitate to contact us directly by clicking on our contact page.


Would you like to learn more about the Jiffy Pellet and what it could do for your business? Scroll down for whitepapers, testimonials, and other information.

Aquaponics Operation Relies on Jiffy’s High-tech Growing Solutions

Farmers F.D.'s aquaponics operation supplies salad greens to Seoul’s upscale stores - with a little help from Jiffy's high-tech growing solutions.

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Celebrate Arbor Day: Help ForestNation plant 1 billion trees

To celebrate Arbor Day, Jiffy is planting up to 500 trees through ForestNation's Plant a Forest egifting program. Participate now.

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Chile’s Forestry: Growth, Technology, and Sustainability

In recent decades, Chile’s forestry sector has significantly grown to become one of the country’s key natural resource-based industries, producing high export volumes and contributing to the national value-added. It is important to recognize how, in the recovery period following recent economic crises, this sector has made a significant impact on the country’s progress. We…

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Conifer Propagation Nursery Celebrates 15 Years

“The Jiffy system is the best there is,” says Hubertus Uehre of Uehre Gartenland, a top-rated tree nursery in Germany. Find out how the nursery uses Jiffy-7 Pellets for various species and why the country is gearing up to replant 500,000 ha of trees.

Conifer Propagation Nursery Celebrates 15 Years cover

Cucumber Propagation Pellets Change Game for Nursery

Happy Propagation Farm needed to drive up quality and yields at their grafted cucumber nursery. So Jiffy and Koppert Korea worked togther to find the best solution.

Jiffy rep with cucumber propagation pellets

Forestry Nursery uses Jiffy Pellets for Pine, Oak, and Native Species

Ferguson is Eastern Ontario's largest forestry nursery, Here, we talk to their Greenhouse Grower about producing both pine and hardwoods in Jiffy Pellets.

JA hand holding Jiffy pellet for the forestry segment

Growing media solution for CEA

Soil and water are the two most crucial resources for feeding the world's expanding population. For this reason, more people may be able to be fed with fewer resources by adopting the practice of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). The Global controlled environment agriculture substrate market is projected to witness a Y-o-Y growth of 15.1% in…

Growing media solution for CEA cover

Growing Success: Vans Pines’ Story of High-Quality Trees

Learn the growing success of Van Pines, a Michigan plant nursery that succeeded in growing high-quality trees with Jiffy Pellets.

Growing Success: Vans Pines’ Story of High-Quality Trees cover

How to use the Jiffy Plug Expander

Specially designed for Jiffy by Bouldin & Lawson, the Jiffy Plug Expander and Dibbler unit allows you to expand up to 800 Jiffy Pellets a minute with no additional labor needs. Works with J-7s, J-7Cs, even with Growblocks.

How to use the Jiffy Plug Expander cover

Hydroponics and food safety

By reducing exposure to the chemicals used in traditional agriculture and controlling the quality of water and plant nutrients, hydroponics can help to improve food safety. To guarantee food safety, you need to effectively control the emergence and spread of pathogens that can cause disease in your crops. Hydroponics, which is a soil-less method of…

Hydroponics and food safety cover

Indoor farming startup chooses J-7 organic pellets

With InGrow, retailers can grow lettuces on a tiered vertical farming system that's simple to operate and clean. Find out how Jiffy’s organic pellets play an integral part in the CEA startup’s method.

Indoor farming startup chooses J-7 organic pellets cover

Jiffy coco growing media is bestseller in South Africa

Coco products for Africa Camel Thorn Horticulture is South Africa’s main importer of Jiffy products. Based out of Johannesburg, it offers coco growing media and peat products, all with Jiffy’s certifications and guarantees. The Jiffy range already includes seedling pellets, compostable pots, growbags, microgreen trays and planks, Preforma plugs, growblocks and it’s expanding all the…

Jiffy coco growing media is bestseller in South Africa cover

Jiffy Coir Pellets for Sri Lanka’s First Vertical Farm

Discover how three young CEA entrepreneurs grow leafy greens using Jiffy's coir pellets. The J-7Cs are made at our food-safety certified plant in Sri Lanka.

Jiffy Coir Pellets for Sri Lanka’s First Vertical Farm cover

Jiffy Continues Food Safety Focus as CEA Alliance Releases Guidelines

Outbreaks of foodborne illnesses such as Salmonella, Listeria, and E. Coli can spell significant harm for consumers. But tackling food safety in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) space in no way falls solely on growers’ shoulders. It is important that all participants in the produce supply chain work together to ensure consumer safety. Jiffy Group…


Jiffy O’Growblock now ECOCERT

The Jiffy O’Growblock is now ECOCERT certified. ECOCERT strives to enable production processes that respect the environment, with better management of natural resources. This way, Ecocert stimulates socially responsible sectors that offer better product quality and safety. The Jiffy Growblock is the number one choice for all cut-flower and vegetable growers using hydroponic systems, greenhouses…

Jiffy Growblock Ecocert

Jiffy offers sustainable netting solution on growblocks and pellets

Reducing the use of plastic in packaging and production purposes is an important global issue. Plastic does not belong in nature and it should not be in the process of cultivation. That is why Jiffy aims for lowering the use of plastics for their growing media. Just recently Jiffy decided to switch from PE and PP plastics to PLA netting for all Jiffy Grow Blocks and Jiffy Pellets.   The PLA net is a light weight fine-fibre web, comprised of polylactic acid (PLA). This material is designed for horticultural…

sustainable pla netting jiffy

Jiffy Pellets transforming lives in Colombia

We talk to Jairo Segovi, owner at Bioamazonia, who explains his adaptation and belief in Jiffy7 Pellets. Jairo works in the Putumayo region, Colombia.

Chontaduro superfruit in Colombia with Jiffy Pellets

Jiffy Propagation Pellets for Banana Cultivation

Tanzanian banana farmers use traditional propagation methods. Maua Mazuri is evolving the local market with Jiffy propagation pellets.

Tanzania banana jiffy pellet

Jiffy to Exhibit Automation Advantages at 2023 Canadian Greenhouse Conference

Jiffy Group will display our growing solutions and engage in education and networking at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Oct. 4-5, 2023. Come say hello at Booth #505, where we will help you discover how you can incorporate our products to streamline your operation, utilizing automation while…

Jiffy to Exhibit Automation Advantages at 2023 Canadian Greenhouse Conference cover

Leading Avocado and Macadamia Nursery uses J-7Cs

Find out how RedSun Horticulture evolved into a top-10 nursery for macadamia and avocado thanks to Jiffy-7C Pellets, data monitoring, and customer service.

Macadamia micro tree in J-7C Pellet

Navigating the Challenges of Tea Cultivation

Discover the art and challenges behind tea cultivation in our latest blog post. Explore the environmental hurdles, labor-intensive nature, and battle against diseases faced by tea growers. Uncover innovative solutions, including the revolutionary Jiffy-7 Pellets, offering sustainable alternatives, efficiency improvements, and a healthier growing environment.

Navigating the Challenges of Tea Cultivation cover

New Compostable Pot Available for Growers

Growers are familiar with various types of containers when growing, and the rise of various compostable pots in the industry marks an important advancement in sustainable horticulture. The significance of this shift is multifold. Not only do compostable pots reduce landfill waste, but they also contribute to better quality of the plants. In doing so,…

Jiffy hydroponic pot for herbs and vegetables cover

Papaya propagation in India with Jiffy-7C

Papaya propagation in India with Jiffy-7C pellets is a success. In this story, the numerous benefits are discussed with a prominent grower.

Papaya propagation in jiffy7c

Phytosanitary problems in coffee cultivation: How to avoid them with a stronger root?

Phytosanitary problems are the most frustrating type of inconvenience that any farmer wants to avoid at all costs. Plant diseases can affect coffee production and quality, and increase production costs due to the need to invest in inputs to combat diseases. For this reason, even radical measures are used, such as moving the plants to…

Coffee growing in Jiffy Pellet

Price comparison: How can you boost your performance?

Price comparisons are very useful for keeping key aspects of production and distribution under control in any type of industry. In agriculture, this comparative method is highly relevant for maintaining an adequate presence in the market and marking differentials that always put the brand one step ahead of the competition. In this article we will…

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Recommendations for lettuce cultivation

Offering high-quality, sustainably grown lettuces is not only beneficial for the environment but can also be a competitive advantage for agricultural businesses. In today's world, where health and sustainability concerns are constantly growing, consumers increasingly value fresh and healthy produce that is responsibly produced. Therefore, in this article, we will explore the key recommendations for…

Recommendations for lettuce cultivation cover

Starting a Hydroponics Revolution Using Jiffy Pellets

Four University of Miami undergrads build scalable AI-assisted hydroponics project using Jiffy-7C Pellets.

University of Miami undergrads with their AI hydroponics project

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