Out now: The Jiffy Group Sustainability Report & Five Year Plan

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Jiffy products have always been basically environmentally friendly. As a leading growing media supplier we are now focusing on building on those green qualities to be a truly sustainable company. 

Above all, Jiffy aims to work with customers to support them in their sustainable horticulture journey. The Jiffy Group Sustainability Report & Five-Year Plan sets out how we’re going about that mission.  

Jiffy’s first report and five-year plan for sustainability

Jiffy’s sustainability strategy is aligned with multiple UN sustainable development goals (UNDG 12, 13, 14, and 15) and is focused on four pillars: 

  1. Use fewer fossil plastics and polymers 
  1. Reduce our energy, water, and COfootprint  
  1. Play a part in the circular economy 
  1. Increase our range of sustainable raw materials 

The report and plan set out what we have already achieved but is also transparent about the challenges we face as a company and industry. And it explains what we can do to change things around where needed. 

Plastic-free Jiffy-7 and 7C  

Did you know Jiffy is on track to eliminating PP/PE plastics netting on a major product group by the end of 2022? Switching Jiffy-7 and Jiffy-7C pellets and growblocks to biodegradable PLA will lower its fossil plastic consumption by around 100 tons a year. 

In the report, you will find more details about additional solutions we are developing, initiatives we are taking, and where we want to be by 2025.  

Why is this important for us? 

Jiffy is a leading global supplier of growing media using renewable resources and bio-based materials. We aim to serve our customers in plant propagation and cultivation to achieve better results. We do this by continually improving, innovating, and working towards our common goals based on scientific research, teamwork, and involvement. We invite and encourage our customers to develop sustainable plant growing solutions together with us: starting today! 

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