Jiffy Group announces two new circularity targets

When we launched our Sustainability Report & Five-Year Plan at the beginning of 2021, one of our key targets was to:

Increase Jiffy’s contribution to the circular economy through our raw materials & products.

This was our statement of intent while we clarified how to contribute more to the circular economy. We have since developed various initiatives and built a clearer picture of where to focus in the coming period.

The Targets

As part of this process, we have set the following specific targets to support our circular economy ambitions. They will ensure all locations are actively working on these important improvements:  

  • 100% of plastic products and packaging to be easily recyclable by the end of 2023
  • 50% of plastic packaging content to be produced from PCR (post-consumer recycled) material by the end of 2025

Supporting plastic recycling in Horticulture

These new targets confirm our intention to increase our use of recycled plastic. We support the reclaiming of ‘waste’ plastics, reducing the risk of those plastics contaminating the soil, ending up in the ocean, or being burned.

These actions will reduce Jiffy’s virgin plastic consumption by more than 1,000 tons per year. And significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our plastic packaging and products. They contribute directly to UN Sustainable Development Goals 12, 13, 14, and 15.

Enabling growers to close the loop

We confirm our intention to support our customers’ sustainability journey by making all our plastics from materials they can easily recycle. This will enable growers to close the loop and allow the plastic to continue to be a valuable part of the circular economy.

More than 80% of the plastic used in Jiffy’s products and packaging materials are already easily recyclable – we are now searching for alternatives to convert the final 20%.

Let’s work together

Jiffy is a leading global supplier of growing media. We aim to serve you, our customers in plant propagation and cultivation, to achieve better results. We can do this together by continually improving, innovating, and working towards our common goals based on facts, teamwork, and involvement. Let’s develop sustainable plant growing solutions together: starting today!

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