By diversifying the supply chain and raw materials sourcing, Jiffy shows resilience

Our industry is currently experiencing challenging market conditions impacting our supply chain around the world. Today all horticultural suppliers are dealing with different but related problems.

  • Daily, we experience a serious supply disruption and rapidly rising costs of key components.
  • Container logistics are in an on-going global container imbalance, shortages in empty and available containers impact landed prices.
  • The global availability of substrate components and raw materials is limited.

Consequently, we at Jiffy receive notices from our suppliers about material shortages and longer lead times. This shortage situation and price pressure is impacting components, throughout our entire Jiffy portfolio.

As a global player in substrates and plant propagation systems, we show to be resilient. We do secure supplies through sourcing elsewhere. We did and are still increasing our (third party) stock levels. We work with bypasses in transportation and if needed we pay a higher price. All these efforts we perform together with our global partners, are an important investment in our valued customers. We do whatever it takes to guarantee a minimal interruption of deliveries to all our global customers.

To make sure all deliveries continue as agreed we continuously are in close contact with our customers and our suppliers. Together we will always do our utmost to find solutions for whatever new challenges the disruptions caused by Covid-19 and recent Suez Canal incident will bring.

You may always contact us.

The Jiffy Management Team.