Sustainability Advances: Jiffy’s Growbags now with 20% Recycled Plastic

The professional cultivation industry is constantly changing and the need for sustainable and high-quality growing solutions is on the rise. Jiffy, a leading global supplier of premium growing media and solutions, has responded to this demand by introducing Jiffy Growbags that now contain 20% recycled plastic (beginning June 2024 and onward). This significant improvement is in line with Jiffy's environmental goals and provides growers with an eco-friendly option that does not compromise the quality and performance that Jiffy is known for.

Latest Development in Jiffy Growbags

Jiffy Growbags, known for their eco-friendliness and versatility, are crafted from 100% coco substrate, making them a leading choice in the market. Now enhanced with 20% recycled plastic, these growbags offer a sustainable option without compromising on crop yield, growth quality, or safety. This balance of high performance and environmental responsibility makes them an ideal choice for growers committed to sustainable cultivation practices.

To meet the diverse needs of cultivation, Jiffy offers an extensive selection of Growbag solutions. Within this range, growers can choose between the high-quality Jiffy Finesse Growbags and the more economical Jiffy Essence Growbags. Both the Finesse and Essence lines provide various substrate compositions to suit different growing requirements: the High Yield option combines 50% coco pith and 50% husk chips in a double-layered bag; the Husk Chip option consists of 100% husk chips; and the 50-50 option mixes 50% coco pith with 50% husk chips. This variety ensures that every grower can find the ideal Jiffy Growbag to match their specific crop needs and cultivation preferences.

Jiffy Finesse Growbags: Excellence in Rooting and Ease of Use

  • Ready-to-Use Convenience: Filled with 100% RHP-certified coco substrate, Jiffy Finesse Growbags require no preliminary preparation. Their pH of 5.5 to 6.5 is ideal for immediate use, eliminating the need for washing, buffering, or adding extra components before planting.
  • Unbeatable Rooting Characteristics: Jiffy Finesse Growbags are designed to provide the best possible environment for root development. This is due to the high-quality of the coco substrate, which ensures that roots have access to the ideal balance of air and moisture, encouraging healthy plant growth.
  • Best for Demanding Crops: Tailored for high-tech growing systems and demanding crops like sweet peppers and soft fruits, Jiffy Finesse Growbags are the go-to choice for growers seeking the highest yields and quality. Their guaranteed low sodium and chloride levels ensure that even the most sensitive crops can thrive.

Jiffy Essence Growbags: Customizable and Cost-Effective

  • Budget-Friendly Flexibility: Designed to be the cost-effective option, Jiffy Essence Growbags offer high-quality coco substrate without the pretreatment, allowing growers to adjust the pH and EC levels to their specific requirements.
  • OMRI-Listed: Jiffy Essence Growbags are OMRI-listed, making them suitable for organic production. This certification is particularly important for growers aiming to meet organic standards, providing peace of mind that their growing media is compliant.
  • All-round Application: Ideal for a wide range of crops, including tomatoes, and cut flowers, Jiffy Essence Growbags offer flexibility and performance. By allowing growers to rinse and treat the substrate as needed, they provide an adaptable solution that caters to diverse cultivation needs.

The Benefits of Choosing Jiffy Growbags

Incorporating recycled plastic into the fabric of our growbags is a testament to Jiffy's forward-thinking approach to cultivation and environmental stewardship. Our immediate goal is a significant one: to elevate the recycled plastic content in our growbags to 40% by 2025. This initiative not only reflects our commitment to sustainability but also ensures that growers do not have to compromise on the quality and reliability they've come to expect from Jiffy products. With Jiffy Growbags, growers can achieve:

  • Sustainable Cultivation: 100% coconut coir: renewable raw material with no disposability issues
  • Uncompromised Crop Quality: Ideal water-to-air ratio for root development. That means fewer diseases, higher yields, and up to 90% water savings.
  • Versatility and Customization: Offering a range of substrates and formats, including the option to choose between our premium Finesse and Essence lines, all while supporting environmental advances.

As Jiffy advances in sustainable growing solutions, introducing growbags with recycled plastic showcases our commitment to sustainability and provides growers with an eco-friendly option. Join us in making a positive impact on the planet with Jiffy Growbags, one bag at a time.

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