New Compostable Pot Available for Growers

Growers are familiar with various types of containers when growing, and the rise of various compostable pots in the industry marks an important advancement in sustainable horticulture.

The significance of this shift is multifold. Not only do compostable pots reduce landfill waste, but they also contribute to better quality of the plants. In doing so, they directly address the urgent demand for environmentally responsible practices in agriculture and horticulture. This evolution in container technology provides growers with an added layer of sustainability.

As experienced growers understand the fine nuances of their indoor growing environments, the integration of compostable pots can be yet another way to optimize conditions for plant health while simultaneously promoting sustainability. In short, compostable pots are not just a fleeting trend; they represent a substantive improvement in how growers can reconcile productivity with ecological responsibility.

In this important decision-making process, Jiffy has introduced two Jiffy Pots in the line of pots with a great design to support the growth of Lettuce, Spinach, Pak Choi. leafy greens and others

New Jiffy Pots Hit the North American Market

Many Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) growers are familiar with the Jiffy Pot Original. Designed for various crops, the Jiffy Pot Original meets food safety criteria for the production of edible selections such as lettuce, Spinach, Pak Choi. leafy greens and others

Now, Jiffy is introducing a new version of the Jiffy Pot. Manufactured in Canada, the Jiffy Pot at sizes 5,7cm (2.2 inches) and 6,2cm (2.4 inches) offers improved water retention and some clients noticed better yield, along with a robust rim suitable for automation. Also, they are durable and environmentally friendly. See the benefits:

  • Enhanced Performance

With Jiffy Pots, some clients are experiencing a boost in yield compared to other pots. Each plant thrives, reflecting visibly increased volume and vibrant growth at the top, ensuring a more profitable harvest for growers.

Our pots last the entire crop production cycle, eliminating unnecessary waste and ensuring your lettuce, herbs, or microgreens do not need to be transplanted again before you harvest—or sell your potted greens to a retail establishment or customer.

  • Superior Root System Development

Jiffy Pots are engineered to promote a healthier, more robust root system in plants. This stronger foundation translates into more resilient crops that are better equipped to absorb nutrients and water, setting the stage for optimal growth.

The inwards conical angle of the pots makes transplanting much gentler by keeping the surface root hairs alive. Root hairs acquire plant nutrients, facilitate subsurface microbial interactions, and keep plants firmly rooted in growing media, according to the State University of New York at Buffalo.*

Jiffy Pots have porous walls, allowing roots to naturally grow through them. Beneficial air pruning of roots occurs on the outside of the pot, while new roots form on the inside. These processes stimulate stronger and healthier plants.

  • Streamlined Automation Compatibility

The unique rim design of Jiffy Pots enables seamless integration with automated systems. This feature allows for efficient pot de-stacking and precise transplanting, reducing labor costs and accelerating production timelines for lettuce, spinach, Pak Choi, herbs, microgreens growers, among other producers of different crops.

Jiffy Pots work as-is with most existing systems or can be incorporated into existing systems with some small adjustments.

Our pots absorb water within a few minutes, allowing the plant and root system to receive more water. Our pots absorb water within a few minutes, enabling the plant and root system to receive more water. This rapid absorption rate helps the growing media in the pot obtain water quickly, keeping the material moist and ensuring that seeds or young plants have the best starting point for optimal results.

  • Friendly to the Environment

Jiffy Pots are made of organic materials and approved for organic production. Clean and natural products with no artificial additives, they can yield cost savings compared to plastic pots.

Our pots are also 100% home compostable. Once they are planted directly into the ground, plants will not struggle with transplant shock or fluctuations in root-zone temperature, but rather, will flourish in their new environment.

Jiffy Pots meet Jiffy Group’s high-quality standards, which we strive for and follow through on by certifying our products for organic use, biodegradability, quality, and uniformity.

Valuable Beyond CEA

Jiffy Group invented the Jiffy Pot in early 1953. After decades of technological development, made possible by our team’s ever-expanding horticultural knowledge, the Jiffy Pot is still one of growers’ favorites. This year, Jiffy Pots celebrate 70 years in the market!

Jiffy Pots provide solutions for propagation, landscape, retail, and more. They work great for various crops, such as perennials, annuals, fruits, vegetables, and others, and in different types of production environments, including greenhouses and outdoors.

Jiffy Pots are available in a comprehensive range of round and square shapes with various designs.

Jiffy Pots are compatible with Jiffy substrates and Quick Soil Mix (QSM) Pellets, proven growing media offerings available in a variety of formulations, shapes, and sizes to meet the needs of specific crops and production techniques. The Jiffy-Mix Plus substrate mix, for example, works exceptionally well for transplanting vegetables.

Let’s Connect

Between their automation compatibility, sustainability, and promotion of strong roots and high yields, Jiffy Pots can be a major help to many different types of horticulture operations.

With a variety of Jiffy Pot configurations and growing media options, we can find you the right pot for your lettuce, herb, or microgreens grow.

Are you ready to see what the Jiffy Pot can do for your CEA business? Contact us today!

*The State University of New York at Buffalo

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The compostable classic

Jiffy Pots Original are 100% “home-compostable and approved for organic production. No chemicals are used during the manufacture of Jiffy Pots, which makes them the number-one choice for food crops.

Fitting your demands

Jiffy's range of substrates include peat-reduced, peat-free and organic certified solutions. We have a long history in delivering the highest-quality substrate mixes with the most uniform characteristics, tailored and tested to meet each crop's specifications.

Fast germination

Jiffy Pellets are an open-wall, net container and medium all in one. It is easy to work with, economical to ship. They are available as bulk pellets for loading yourself, but also pre-loaded into global tray standards or on a poly-roll. Available in Peat, Coco and mix substrates.