Teens’ Fundraiser Grows 1,000s of Seedlings in Jiffy Pellets

Two teens grow and sell 1,000s of seedlings every year to raise money for underprivileged kids. And they use Jiffy-7 Pellets to make sure they get the best results.

Meghana Aduri (Heritage High School) and her sister Keerthana (Roach Middle School), live in Frisco, Texas. They started the fundraising initiative in 2021 through VTSeva, a 501c organization. The proceeds go to support the education of visually impaired students in developing countries.

Giving something back

“We really want to empower these underprivileged kids,” says Meghana. “And it’s a great opportunity for us to give something back.”

Meghana and Keerthana’s ‘Seedlings for Education’ fundraiser is part of the Kids4Kids service program the girls set up. They even get their community involved, growing and selling thousands of vegetable seedlings every year. They offer nearly 20 varieties, including tomatoes, eggplants, and different kinds of gourds.

“Seedlings for Education has become a real tradition in our community,” says Meghana proudly. “We’ve grown about 6,000 plants so far, and used the funds to sponsor special laptops and other devices at schools for visually impaired kids.”

Jiffy Pellets help all growers

“We always use Jiffy Pellets because they’re so easy to work with,” adds Keerthana. “And the plants look great, so we sell more of them.”

Like hobby and professional growers worldwide, Meghana and Keerthana rely on Jiffy-7 Pellets to grow beautiful, viable produce. And the seedlings’ new owners can plant them in the garden or a container with the pellet intact. This protects the roots and ensures the plants thrive.

Let’s work together

Jiffy is a leading global supplier of growing media using renewable resources and bio-based materials. We aim to serve you, our customers in plant propagation and cultivation, to achieve better results. We can do this together by continually improving, innovating and working towards our common goals based on scientific research, teamwork, and involvement. Let’s develop sustainable plant growing solutions together: Starting today!

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Fast germination

Jiffy Pellets are an open-wall, net container and medium all in one. It is easy to work with, economical to ship. They are available as bulk pellets for loading yourself, but also pre-loaded into global tray standards or on a poly-roll. Available in Peat, Coco and mix substrates.