Jiffy’s Journey Towards Sustainability: An Earth Day 2024 Spotlight

In anticipation of Earth Day 2024, we sat down with Richard Stevenson, Jiffy’s Sustainability and Digital Transformation Manager, to discuss the company’s commitment to sustainability and its innovative approaches to environmental responsibility. With the planet's health at the forefront of global conversations, particularly concerning the use of peat and other growing media, Jiffy's efforts shine a light on the path forward for the horticulture industry.

Q: Richard, as we approach Earth Day 2024, could you explain what sustainability means to Jiffy?

A: “At Jiffy, we’re working hard to make sustainability part of our DNA. We interpret it through the lens of the three E's: Environment, Equity, and Economy, or the Triple Bottom Line model, also known as People, Profit, and Planet. It's about ensuring we live today in a way that allows both our business and our planet to thrive tomorrow. This includes the environmental impacts of our products and aspects such as working conditions and equality. We are not only considering our direct impacts but also those we cause in our value chain.”

Q: In line with the Triple Bottom Line model focusing on People, Profit, and Planet, what specific efforts is Jiffy making to serve these three critical areas effectively?

For People: “We prioritize the health and safety of our own employees, supplier’s employees, and the communities we operate in,” explains Stevenson. “This involves ensuring fair working conditions, promoting equality and diversity, and engaging in community outreach programs. Our approach goes beyond just compliance; we aim to foster a culture of care and respect”.

For Profit: Richard Stevenson adds, “Our profits serve more than our shareholders; they support sustainable practices and strengthen communities, proving that financial success can align with positive environmental and social impacts”.

For Planet: “Our current five-year sustainability plan focuses heavily on reducing our environmental footprint,” Stevenson points out. “We have already reduced our production greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25% in three years and are working hard to reduce our fossil single use plastic packaging by 50% by the end of next year.”

By integrating the principles of the Triple Bottom Line into our core operations, Jiffy aims not just to thrive as a business but to ensure we contribute positively to society and the environment, paving the way for a sustainable future for all.

Embracing Sustainable Alternatives

Jiffy is working hard to develop and promote sustainable alternatives to traditional peat in horticulture. "While peat remains a staple in the industry, we are committed to finding and using more sustainable resources," explains Richard. Jiffy adheres to RPP (Responsibly Produced Peat) standards in Europe and Veriflora standards in North America, ensuring the peat we do use is as sustainable as possible. "Our approach is to minimize environmental impacts and maintain transparency in our practices," Richard emphasizes, highlighting the company's dedication to sustainability.

Q: Beyond peat, what other materials is Jiffy exploring for sustainability?

A: “We now have five different types of wood fibers, five types of coco, two types of pine bark, and two types of compost,” chimes in Miguel Meneses, Jiffy's Substrate Product Manager. “All of these media together make a strong mix on the peat-free market.” With this diverse portfolio, Meneses emphasizes, “Jiffy not only has a solution that works but also one that meets the highest requirements.”

Coir, or coco peat, serves as a crucial sustainable alternative within Jiffy's raw materials portfolio, originating from coconut husks and presenting a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to traditional peat. Sourced directly from Sri Lanka, where Jiffy maintains three production locations, this practice ensures high quality. Jiffy's continuous efforts are aimed at enhancing the sustainability and efficacy of their coir products. These include initiatives to optimize water usage during the washing process and investigations into natural additives that could improve the coir's properties, all while maintaining environmental integrity.

Jiffy’s Vision

Q: Looking ahead, what is Jiffy’s vision for sustainable growing practices?

A: Stevenson shares, “As we navigate these uncertain times, Jiffy’s vision remains clear: to be the reliable partner in sustainable plant production. By offering the capacity, expertise, and tailored solutions required, Jiffy stands ready to support our clients through this pivotal shift. Their efforts today are not just about meeting current demands but about paving the way for a sustainable future in agriculture and horticulture, where the health of our planet is held in utmost regard.”

Leading by Example

Q: How is Jiffy preparing for future sustainability regulations?

A: “We're actively gathering and reporting data on our supply chain, working conditions, and our commitment to equality and environmental protection, as well as expanding and improving our greenhouse gas reporting This aligns with upcoming European sustainability reporting requirements. We believe in transparency and accountability, ensuring we're not just compliant but leading by example”, says Richard.

A Call to Action for Earth Day 2024

As Earth Day 2024 approaches, Jiffy's message is clear: sustainability is a collective journey requiring innovation, commitment, and transparency. "Let's use this Earth Day to reaffirm our commitment to the planet. Every sustainable action, no matter how small, contributes to a healthier Earth," Richard concludes.

Jiffy's sustainability efforts, support and guide the industry in this critical journey. Through responsible practices, innovative alternatives, and a proactive approach to regulations, Jiffy not only aims for sustainability in its operations but also inspires others to follow suit, making every day an Earth Day.

Let’s work together

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