Jiffy Group Recognized for Environmental Commitments with Certification for Responsibly Managed Peatlands

SCS Certification Ensures Best Practices for Environmental, Social, and Quality Peat Moss Products

Jiffy Group announces its certification of Responsibly Managed Peatlands for its peat bogs in Canada, illustrating its commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Jiffy met the requirements of the Veriflora® Certification for Responsible Horticultural Peat Moss Production, independently verified by third-party certification body SCS Global Services (SCS). The certified peat moss production operation includes all open peatlands, closed peatlands, and adjacent land designated as buffer zones, donor sites and/or HEV (High Ecological Value) areas.

Why did Jiffy Group undergo certification?

We wanted independent confirmation that the management of our peat bogs and peat moss were environmentally and socially responsible. We know our company values are aligned with worker protection, workplace conditions, ecosystem protection, peatland restoration, and product quality. We discovered that this standard would benchmark our progress in those categories and knew that third-party certification by SCS would give us the transparent communication we were looking for.

What does the certification ensure?

  • Peatland Restoration and Rehabilitation

Jiffy has a verified restoration plan in place, which is important because healthy peatlands help tackle climate change by absorbing and storing large amounts of carbon dioxide. Restoration also helps improve wildlife habitat. Our plan includes donor sites where small amounts of peat can be gathered and applied to the harvested areas, allowing new peat to form over time. The planned restoration will lead to a Sphagnum-dominated bog ecosystem. Healthy peatland ecosystems are a major source of iron for the ocean, which is a vital micronutrient for phytoplankton growth and photosynthesis.

  • Protection of Ecosystem and Biodiversity

Jiffy regularly surveys and monitors the vegetation on our lands and employ biologists to ensure that no avoidable harm is caused to threatened or endangered habitats or species on our lands. We also work to protect our watersheds, follow best practices to minimize the potential for contamination, and regularly conduct water and soil testing.

  • Fair Labor Practices

Jiffy follows core principles that ensure equal opportunity and non-discrimination during hiring processes and employment. Equal pay for equal work policies, worker rights, labor laws, and fair wages are all crucial aspects of the success of our operations, along with many other social issues covered under the standard.

  • Product Quality

We have established processes to deliver the highest quality product. Our products are responsibly managed from start to finish including tracking our ingredients and mixes, maintaining proper temperatures of peat in its different stages, having procedures to avoid contamination, verifying quality in the laboratory, inspecting packaging, and performing product quality testing.

  • Community Benefits

We have a focus within our company on philanthropic work and supporting local businesses through donations. We also engage local community stakeholders to address any concerns related to peat harvesting, ensuring that our operations don’t negatively affect the community’s natural resources or other aspects of the community. The certification checks to make sure that we evaluate potential economic effects that may result from our operations.

  • Resource Conservation and Energy Efficiency

We have a plan in place to reduce the environmental footprint of our operation. We have transitioned to LED lighting at the plant and invested in more efficient machinery with lower fuel consumption. We will continue to build operational reductions and tackle more sustainability issues such as increasing our use of recycled plastic and ensuring that our growers have materials they can easily recycle.

  • Safe Waste Management

Jiffy has an integrated waste management system. Hazardous waste is properly managed and contained by trained staff. Organic, inorganic, and hazardous wastes are properly disposed of, ensuring the health and safety of our workers and the environment.

Leadership in Responsible Peatland Management

A note from Kevin Warner, SCS Global Services’ Director, ESG Certifications and Strategy:

“Jiffy Group has proven to be a leader in responsible peatland management with their achievement of certification. After undergoing an assessment with SCS Global Services, Jiffy has successfully demonstrated their achievements with credibility and independent verification. By following the SCS Responsibly Managed Peatlands Standard, they are well-equipped with the framework to continue to improve processes and efficiencies that help drive more sustainable global efforts.”

The Road Ahead for Jiffy

A note from Richard Stevenson, Jiffy Sustainability Manager:

“As we continue to look after our employees and the environment, we will grow our operations under the light of responsible management and keep improving our processes. We are proud of our achievements, and this certification distinguishes us and the work we’re doing to ensure a high quality of life for our workers and communities, a consistently hiqh quality product, and the resilience of our peatbog operation with a focus on minimizing environmental impacts.”

Let’s work together

Jiffy is a leading global supplier of growing media using renewable resources and bio-based materials. We aim to serve you, our customers in plant propagation and cultivation, to achieve better results. We can do this together by continually improving, innovating and working towards our common goals based on facts, teamwork, and involvement. Let’s develop sustainable plant growing solutions together: Starting today!

Fitting your demands

Jiffy's range of substrates include peat-reduced, peat-free and organic certified solutions. We have a long history in delivering the highest-quality substrate mixes with the most uniform characteristics, tailored and tested to meet each crop's specifications.