Celebrate Arbor Day: Help ForestNation plant 1 billion trees

It’s National Arbor Day, the perfect opportunity to honor trees and everything they do for us and the planet. Jiffy is partnering with ForestNation to celebrate in a very special way. We’re inviting everyone to participate in ForestNation’s reforestation project through Gift a Forest, their new egifting program. Simply enter your details here to plant five trees in the Jiffy Forest.

ForestNation set out to transform how the world gifts over 15 years ago. Instead of items that often end up having a negative impact, they offer businesses and other organizations the chance to give something more environmentally friendly –and really connect with their customers and other stakeholders.

“Gifts are magical,” says Andrew Pothecary, ForestNation CEO. “We wanted to enable people to give back to Mother Earth at the same time.”

Gifts for Mother Earth

So they created Tree Kits: Tiny cups and pouches that can be customized with logos and personalized messages for a wide variety of occasions. Even better, each one contains everything the recipient needs to grow their own tree, including high-quality seeds, instructions, and an organic Jiffy-7 Pellet.

Over 500,000 J-7 Pellets have gone into ForestNation Tree Kits to date. The pellets provide the gifted trees with the best start: Not only do they contain essential nutrients for the trees as they emerge from the seed, they’re surrounded by special netting made from biodegradable PLA. This plant-based material protects the young trees’ roots and prevents transplant shock once the seedlings are ready to be planted in the ground.

“I really value our partnership with Jiffy,” says Andrew. “Jiffy’s commitment to sustainability aligns with our own and they’ve been with us every step of the way. In fact, Don Willis [Product Manager for Jiffy Pellets] is my go-to Forestry expert – he has always given us important information about how to grow trees and reforest our planet.”

“I’m delighted to support ForestNation with its mission,” says Don . “At Jiffy, we’ve built up huge experience in Forestry over the last 50 years by working closely with our partners. Our solutions – not just Jiffy Pellets, but Preforma Plugs, and Jiffy Pots – are used by tree propagators and growers all over the world. Now I hope we can make ForestNation’s new project a reality.”

The goal: 1 billion reforestation trees

Which brings us to the best part about ForestNation gifts: The ‘You Plant We Plant’ concept. For every Tree Kit registered on their website, ForestNation pledge to plant at least one tree in their reforestation initiatives in developing countries. They’ve planted 2 million trees so far and now they’ve set themselves an ambitious target: 1 billion trees pledged for their reforestation program in the next year.

To help achieve the target, ForestNation recently launched its latest gifting idea, Gift a Forest, which shows recipients how many trees have been planted on their behalf through a personalized story on their phone.

This Arbor Day, we have 500 trees to pledge through Gift a Forest. It’s easy and it’s free to participate: Just enter your details here by May 5 and we’ll make sure five trees in the Jiffy Forest. You can follow our progress on your phone.

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