Jiffy Group launches new Company Video

Introducing – New corporate video for Jiffy Group

We are Jiffy. We supply our customers with growing media for plant cultivation and plant propagation systems. Our vision is to be the innovation and service leader in sustainable plant growing solutions, to feed and beautify the world.

This video shows you what we do, and what we focus on to achieve our vision.

We share research with growers, universities, and other industry leaders around the globe. This enables us to create innovative, evidence-based solutions for growers. We are always learning more about how plants flourish, and how to create the best growing environment for their roots.

Our knowledgeable, passionate, and reliable crew produces Jiffy pots, Jiffy plugs, Jiffy pellets, Jiffy growbags, Jiffy growblocks, and Jiffy substrate mixes. With these products, we help growers find the right solution for their crop. For more information about our solutions, go to Jiffy Professional Growing Solutions | Jiffy Products (jiffygroup.com)

We treat each grower as a unique case, with unique demands for their sustainable plant propagation systems. Because in the end, it’s high yields that put a smile on their faces…

We are strongly focused on offering peat-reduced and peat-free products, using components like bark, coco chips, and wood fibers. Thanks to our strategic production locations, we can efficiently serve customers all around the world. Read more about our sustainability efforts here: Jiffy Group – Sustainable plant growing solutions Jiffy Products

Growing the future

We are seeing a rapid increase in demand for food-safe products and for solutions that benefit the earth. We aim to create solutions that use less water, that can be produced locally, and that are biodegradable or recyclable. Great developments are happening within this field, and we are working closely with the leading innovators in our industry. Together, we can offer high-tech solutions to overcome the challenges growers face today. 

We hope this video inspires you, as it inspires us to keep striving for a more beautiful world with healthy food for everyone.