All Jiffy production locations food safety certified – an industry first

Jiffy Group is proud to announce that our production locations worldwide are now ISO 22000 food safety certified.

Jiffy’s food-safe production plants are a first for growing media industry

Jiffy’s food-safe production plants are an industry-first. We achieved ISO 22000 certification for our first plant, Jiffy Sri Lanka, in 2018, and completed the demanding process for all of our global locations by spring 2023. Jiffy is the first and only company in the global substrate industry to receive this recognition.

Our customers include many food producers growing crops like nuts, berries, and salad greens. Crops that are often eaten raw and thus present the greatest risk to consumers in terms of human pathogens and microbial hazards.

Supporting you with food safety risk management

“Growing media is the primary production stage for produce, ” says Bart Kraan, Jiffy’s QHES Director. “That’s why we take our role in the chain of custody very seriously. Even though we don’t produce food ourselves.”

ISO 22000 food safety certification is proof that Jiffy supports its customers in the prevention and mitigation of these risks. To maintain ISO’s stringent standards, we have dedicated Food Safety Teams at all of our plants, led by the global Food Safety Team. The multidisciplinary teams have set up prevention strategies including:

  • Implementing Jiffy’s own strict end-to-end traceability system
  • Using highest-quality raw materials and other inputs
  • Food safety training for our people to increase awareness
  • Continual risk assessments for chemical, physical, and biological risks
  • Maintaining pristine environments during storage, production, and shipping

All Jiffy products now made in food safety-certified locations

Above all, Jiffy minimizes contamination risks throughout its supply chain – from harvesting raw materials to product delivery – by continually identifying, evaluating, and analyzing potential hazards. This obviously includes our organic options and innovative products like sustainable, peat-free growing media. It also includes our solutions for CEA. Vertical farming is not less risky than traditional agriculture in terms of exposure to pathogens. In fact, the natural resistance of CEA-grown crops is relatively low.

“We want to develop new ways to deal with these complex issues,” says Janaka Weerasuriya, Jiffy’s Global Food Safety Team Leader and Global QHES manager. “To get to the answers quicker, Jiffy partners with customers, academia, and other stakeholders in the food chain.”

Certified highest quality for propagators, growers, and retailers worldwide

Working towards zero contamination risk with and for our customers is just one way Jiffy ensures it always offers market-relevant solutions that meet each customer’s unique challenges. Our end-to-end growing systems, pellets, growbags, and other horticulture solutions are used by thousands of leading propagation, finished use, landscaping, and retail businesses worldwide.

Jiffy production plants have achieved multiple third-party certifications, in addition to ISO 22000 food safety management system (as it is officially known). These include ISO 9001 quality management system, and ISO 14001 environmental management system. Jiffy also produces RHP-certified substrates, plus OMRI-listed organic options for many of its solutions.

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Global QHES Manager

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