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Jiffy Sustainability Report update

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We’re now one year into our ambitious five-year sustainability plan. In 2020, we developed the first sustainability strategy for our global business. We set ourselves the following goals:

  • Reduce our footprint
  • Contribute to the circular economy
  • Reduce plastics
  • Use more sustainable resources

“The goals are inspiring everyone at Jiffy to be more sustainable,” says Richard Stevenson, Sustainability Manager. “Everyday we ask ourselves: What more could we be doing?” Read the report to find out about the changes we are making. For instance,

Sustainability Report demonstrates our commitment to our five-year plan

Covid-19 had a huge impact on our organization and our supply chain, even as demand soared. This delayed work on several of our goals in 2021. Nevertheless, we expect to achieve the goals with our 5-year timeframe. That’s because we are integrating our sustainability strategy into our:

  • Day-to-day work
  • Partnerships with suppliers
  • Capital investment policy
  • Future plans

Sustainable plant management

Above all, Jiffy is deeply committed to helping our clients achieve more sustainable plant management. From tree nurseries to vertical farms, we know you need environmentally friendly solutions that deliver beautiful, saleable crops every time. Our Innovation Team is continually developing, trialling, and improving our sustainable plant growing products:

  • Substrates made with renewable materials
  • Plastic free propagation pellets
  • Healthier plants meaning fewer losses

It all began with the Jiffy Pot

Many of our plant growing solutions have been sustainable for years. Like Jiffy Pots, the sustainable plant pots we’ve been producing since the 1950s. OMRI-listed and gold Cradle-to-Cradle certified, the plastic free pots have served growers for generations. We also offer a range of time-tested compressed products, like the iconic J-7 Pellet and Preforma Plug, enabling more efficient transportation. And we have a range of peat reduced and peat free products. Read more on these and our other environmentally friendly solutions in the Sustainability Report.

Shrinking our footprint

Did you know all Jiffy production and raw material processing locations are ISO 14001 certified? ISO 14001 contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, and 15. Wherever possible, our production locations are located close to the raw material source or major market. Our main substrate production facility in Zwijndrecht, Holland, even has its own harbour, so raw materials can be delivered efficiently by boat.

We are creating a Lifecycle Analysis Tool to measure the footprint of our products. The ground-breaking tool will provide valuable data to show us what changes to our raw materials and processes will have the most impact. Our pipeline of additional initiatives to shrink our footprint will be implemented as soon as possible.

Your resource for sustainable plant growing solutions

Download the Jiffy Sustainability Report 2021 now. Discover how Jiffy can be a valuable resource for high-quality growing solutions on your sustainability journey.

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