Solar Panels Sri Lanka

Sustainability is a big part of Jiffy’s DNA. We take our stewardship seriously, and improve where we can. We are making big steps in reducing plastics, finding alternatives to peat, and discovering ways to make food production more circular. We can do this, because our customers and employees have trust in us for a better future.

There is another way we can contribute. By reducing the use of energy, we can lower our carbon footprint. This is an update from Sri Lanka.

Kobeigane Solar System

With the government initiative of achieving 80% of its electricity generation from renewable sources by 2030, a solar power campaign was commenced. Jiffy Sri Lanka joined the program as a frontline implementor, initiating its first phase by generating electricity from installing solar panels. The first step was to install solar panels at the Kobeigane plant rooftop, which we successfully completed in July and this system is in full operation now (picture on the right).

Mirigama Agreement Sign-Off

The second step will be installing solar panels at the Mirigama plant. The JSL management signed the agreement with the investment party on 14th September 2019 to use the Jiffy roof, and will receive 20% of revenues created from the electricity output.

Zwijndrecht Office

The office in Zwijndrecht (The Netherlands) was also equipped with solar panels. This was an important consideration when negotiating with the office owner. We feel the urge to take our responsibility and to do what is in our ‘power’ to make sustainable choices, in all aspects of our organization. 

solar power- jiffy -zwijndrecht