New: Vicaa’s specialized growing media for medical cannabis and hemp

Sustainable growing solutions

On October 12, 2020 Vicaa, a division of Jiffy, launched a broad portfolio of sustainable growing solutions for the medical cannabis industry. The Vicaa range includes pots, pellets, growblocks, growbags, substrates, and plugs. They have all been specially developed for growing medical-grade cannabis and hemp, and can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Vicaa Cannabis growing media
Vicaa Brand

Based on decades of research and experience

Vicaa may be a new name on the market, but is a division of Jiffy, a Dutch innovation and service leader in plant growing solutions. Professional horticulturalists around the world have relied on us for decades for precision products for their crops – from forestry to greenhouse vegetables. And now medical cannabis and hemp. 

Consistency and stability

Vicaa offers licenced growers and investors peace of mind, season after season.. Our growing media are made from the finest, certified raw materials, processed in state-of-the-art facilities. Stable and consistent, they are free from pests, diseases, and spores. They are fully compatible with automated cultivation systems. We can deliver them straight to your door.

Jiffy Easyfill bags

Higher crop yields and quality

Thanks to Vicaa, your crop quality and yields will be second to none, whatever cultivation methods you use. That’s because all Vicaa solutions are designed to grow strong, healthy plants with well-developed root systems.

Better results together
We aim to achieve higher yields and better crop quality for you, our customers.  We attain this through collaboration, identifying needs, innovating, and working towards a common goal together.  Let’s develop better yields and crops, together.

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Jiffys Sortiment an Substraten umfasst torfreduzierte, torffreie und bio-zertifizierte Lösungen. Wir haben langjährige Erfahrung mit der Lieferung der besten Substratmischungen mit den gleichmäßigsten Eigenschaften, die jedes Mal so gemischt und geprüft werden, dass sie den Bedürfnissen einer jeden Pflanze gerecht werden.

Vielseitige Lösungen

Die maßgeschneiderte Lösung aus Substraten höchster Qualität, die zu einem Topf zusammengepresst sind und sich gut eignen sowohl für schwer zu bewurzelndes Schnittmaterial als auch für anspruchsvolle maschinelle Bearbeitung.

Preforma Plugs haben stets einen Luftgehalt von 30 % oder mehr, was bedeutet, dass selbst unter Bedingungen wie starker Vernebelung keine Verdichtung des Substrates auftritt.