Growing media suppliers join forces in vertical farming and hydroponic substrate markets

Today Jiffy® Group and GROWFOAM® announced their collaboration in the Middle East and Asia by signing a letter of intent at the Greentech 2021 fair in Amsterdam. Jiffy Group will be Growfoam’s exclusive distributing partner for these markets and will expand their product portfolio with the biodegradable, clean and sustainable GROWFOAM® substrate.

‘The wish to expand to other geographical markets than the EU and USA is strongly present at GROWFOAM®’, says Growfoam’s CEO Martin Tietema. ‘In Jiffy Group we’ve found a professional partner with knowledge of the Middle Eastern and Asian markets, a huge sales network with a smart logistic system and the right contacts. We enable growers around the globe to grow greener, safer and faster. And with this newfound partnership we’re opening doors to markets we have not entered yet.’ ‘Furthermore, the implementation of our GROWFOAM® substrate and the specific growing recipes takes time and a lot of specific knowledge. We couldn’t think of any other partner than Jiffy Group when it comes to experience in controlled environment agriculture and the capability to get the most out of our substrate.’.

Mr. Arjan van der Snoek, CSO of Jiffy Group explains: ‘Today, technology is taking a lead in global horticulture. Indoor Ag is growing rapidly, followed by an increasing demand for sustainable, clean and automation-ready growing substrates. We recognize the need of our customers for a very clean plant plug.  This is where GROWFOAM will be an important addition to our current portfolio.  We look forward to this partnership and the new solutions we can offer to our clients.’  

GROWFOAM® and Jiffy Group will inform their existing clients and prospects about the new collaboration and the possibilities the partnership has to offer over the next couple of days.

Both GROWFOAM® and Jiffy Group have an open scope for the future; based on the experiences of the next year an expansion of the partnership is not unthinkable. New markets, new segments and new products… who knows what the future will bring.

Let’s work together

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