Soft Fruits


Growers still reliant on open field cultivation

Blackberries are still mainly grown as field crops. The woody crop is cultivated in two cycles: the first stage is long cane production, the second stage is fruit production. Mother stock production also normally takes place in the open field.

Switching to modern methods

Traditional blackberry farmers face problems like diseases, poor soil quality, and high labor costs. The solution to these issues lies in using high-quality growing media. That is why innovative growers are switching to the raspberry method— they use growing media for bedding or coir growbags.

How Jiffy can help

We recommend our Jiffy Substrates and Jiffy Growbags for mother stock production. Our Preforma Plugs and Jiffy-7 and Jiffy-7C Pellets are ideal for the long cane stage. Our substrates and Jiffy Coco Disks are best for fruit production. The Coco Discs can be delivered with a predrilled, labor-saving plughole for your convenience.

Jiffy’s best fitting solutions for growing Blackberries

Fitting your demands

Jiffy's range of substrates include peat-reduced, peat-free and organic certified solutions. We have a long history in delivering the highest-quality substrate mixes with the most uniform characteristics, tailored and tested to meet each crop's specifications.