Perennials: We'll help you find the right media

Different perennials growing media for a variety of needs

There’s a huge variety of perennials being cultivated today. That’s why producers seek a range of growing media to meet their different needs. If grown outdoors, these strong-rooted plants need rich, clay-based substrates for efficient perennials production. Indoor cultivation on ebb and flow tables requires a lighter mix. We’ll help you select the exact product depending on a number of additional factors.

Jiffy’s specialist products

As well as specialist substrates, we offer propagation products like our Jiffy-7 Pellets and Preforma Plugs. Volcanic sand or pumice can be added for their silicon content. Many are offered in formats with automated cultivation in mind. So you can offer your demanding consumers plants with compact growth and rich coloring – efficiently and profitably.

The solutions you need

We offer growing media for all your perennials. Whether you are in the propagation or cultivation business, we can help. Feel free to contact us for details.

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