Nut Trees

Challenges facing growers

Nut trees are usually propagated from cuttings, though some are grown from seed. Traditionally, young plants were planted in local soil or growing media in plastic bags. However, growers experienced several obstacles to achieving profits. These included fluctuating EC and pH levels, labor intensity, and transport costs. In addition, the use of plastic bags is becoming an issue in many countries. With the right growing solutions for nut trees, we hope we can eradicate these issues.

Innovative solutions

With the help of innovation, these growers now have a bright future. We have developed the Jiffy 7C Pellet specially for propagation from cuttings. The 60 x 120 mm PLA pellet means mortality rates for the plants has dropped to close to 0%.

Faster turnaround

With Jiffy Pellets, you can plant the entire pellet containing the young plant. This eliminates transplant shock. Transportation is much more compact and the pellet holds enough water for the journey. At the same time, the well-developed and air-pruned roots help good field establishment. Thanks to faster rooting, turnaround improves – and revenues along with it.

Jiffy’s best fitting solutions for growing Nut Trees

The compostable classic

Jiffy Pots Original are 100% “home-compostable and approved for organic production. No chemicals are used during the manufacture of Jiffy Pots, which makes them the number-one choice for food crops.

Fast germination

Jiffy Pellets are an open-wall, net container and medium all in one. It is easy to work with, economical to ship. They are available as bulk pellets for loading yourself, but also pre-loaded into global tray standards or on a poly-roll. Available in Peat, Coco and mix substrates.

Versatile solutions

Jiffy Preforma is the tailor-made plug solution of high-quality substrates. It is bound together and well-suited to both hard-to-root cutting material or demanding mechanized handling. The binder ensures easy automation and no transplant shock.