Nursery Stock plants: A strong start

Better substrate, better roots

Growing attractive, marketable trees and shrubs that thrive once transplanted – it’s all about strong roots. Ensure your young plants develop optimal root systems by offering them the right substrate. The best substrate mixes will buffer moisture levels during dry weather, disperse irrigation water and fertilizers evenly, and prevent waterlogging in case of heavy rain.

Jiffy’s high-quality mixes

Our mixes are made from high-quality raw materials, tailored to your exact requirements. They contain mainly turf sod plus other peat varieties to ensure they remain stable. Do your plants need a lighter mix? We can add coconut fiber and/or bark chips for extra aeration.

The solutions you need

We offer solutions for all your growing needs. If you are in the nursery stock business, we can help with the right growing media. Feel free to contact us for details.

Nursery Stock success with Jiffy Pots: strong rooting and eliminating plastic