Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Mediterranean or tropical climates

To thrive, fruit trees and shrubs need a Mediterranean or tropical climate depending on the species. They also require well-drained growing media with the right EC and pH levels.

Previous propagation methods

It was common practice to propagate fruit trees using polyethylene trays filled with soil. The young plants were then transplanted into the ground. However, this exposed them to soil-borne diseases, impacting future yields.

Strong rooting with our Preforma Plugs

Grafting is a common propagation method for fruit shrubs. However, the cuttings’ vegetative material may be lost during the propagation process. Our Preforma Plugs are a good solution to this problem. The plugs will also ensure a high rate of rooting.

The right growing media protect yields

Selecting high-quality growing media protect plants and yields. Our Jiffy Pellets are completely clean and homogenous. They even replace one step in the cycle – the seedling is germinated in the same pellet in which it will spend the complete nursery cycle.

Pellets and pots in a range of sizes

Jiffy offers pellets in different sizes. Our 50 x 150 mm or 70 x 100 mm pellets replace big polybags. Our 2-litre Jiffy Pots combined with our specialized substrates are perfect for large trees such as avocadoes. Our pots and pellets guarantee the best root development and fastest cycle, and are biodegradable.

Jiffy’s best fitting solutions for growing fruit trees & shrubs

The compostable classic

Jiffy Pots Original are 100% “home-compostable and approved for organic production. No chemicals are used during the manufacture of Jiffy Pots, which makes them the number-one choice for food crops.

Fast germination

Jiffy Pellets are an open-wall, net container and medium all in one. It is easy to work with, economical to ship. They are available as bulk pellets for loading yourself, but also pre-loaded into global tray standards or on a poly-roll. Available in Peat, Coco and mix substrates.

Versatile solutions

Jiffy Preforma is the tailor-made plug solution of high-quality substrates. It is bound together and well-suited to both hard-to-root cutting material or demanding mechanized handling. The binder ensures easy automation and no transplant shock.