Forestry: No more transplant shock

Roots first

Jiffy Pellets make handling trees safe and easy in the nursery and in the field, whether manual or mechanical methods are being used. Above all, the pellets are designed to encourage the development of strong, healthy roots and to prevent root deformation. Forestry growers can benefit from consistent and high-quality growing media in their nursery.

Simpler propagation

During propagation, seeded pellets can be loaded into your trays while dry and expanded in the greenhouse or nursery using your irrigation system. Propagating from cuttings? Each Jiffy Pellet has a hole in the center to enable easy sticking of the tree cuttings and consistent results.

Higher yields

Jiffy Pellets eliminate the need for a root ball or cage to handle the growing seedling. Thanks to the PLA net covering, the root system is not disturbed. That means transplant shock and growth delay are eliminated. Our pellets also enable effortless grading so you can maximize the number of saleable plants.

The solutions you need

We offer growing solutions for all your forestry crops. Whether you are in the propagation or cultivation business, we can help. Feel free to contact us for details.

Pellets transforming lives in Colombia