Bedding plants

Patio Plants

Specialist irrigation needs

Patio plants are exposed to many types of growing conditions. That’s why Jiffy offers specialist mixes that retain and release water as and when the plants need it for continued healthy growth and vigor. Choosing the right growing media is important for a long and thriving life of your patio plants.

Saving time and money

By reducing irrigation needs, these Jiffy Substrates save on your overall water usage. They also save you time, as it reduces how often the plants must be watered over a given period.

Benefits the consumer too!

Once the plants are brought home by the final consumer, this water retention quality is a lifesaver for novice growers, preventing the plants from reacting adversely even if they forget to water them.

Jiffy’s best fitting solutions for growing terrace plants

All-in-one high yield solution

The Jiffy Growblock is the number one choice for all cut-flower and vegetable growers using hydroponic systems, greenhouses or other nursery applications. And thanks to air-pruning, better temperature control, and versatility, Jiffy Growblocks create healthier, stronger plants.

Versatile solutions

Jiffy Preforma is the tailor-made plug solution of high-quality substrates. It is bound together and well-suited to both hard-to-root cutting material or demanding mechanized handling. The binder ensures easy automation and no transplant shock.

Fitting your demands

Jiffy's range of substrates include peat-reduced, peat-free and organic certified solutions. We have a long history in delivering the highest-quality substrate mixes with the most uniform characteristics, tailored and tested to meet each crop's specifications.