Meet Richard – Production Leader

Hi, my name is Richard, the production manager at the 1plant production location in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. Since 1991, I have been at different positions in Jiffy. So, with almost 30 years of experience I can safely say that I know Jiffy inside out.

Producing Substrates at the 1Plant
We produce quality substrates here, tailored to the clients’ needs and wants. It provides the ideal growing conditions and is the best that could happen to a plant.  

The packaging hall at 1Plant.

My department deals with the entire production cycle, from planning to distribution. I make sure that problems get solved and the staff is well-instructed. When things are running smoothly, I can focus on improving current systems. For that, my main focus is on the customer experience, and on efficiency. Luckily, I run a team of staff that understands what is needed for success and progress, and it’s satisfying when clients see our improvements. That’s what matters to me.

Richard keeps an eye on all production lines from his office.

Having to let people go is one of the difficult parts of this job. We give new staff members the coaching they need to make sure everyone is feeling happy and confident. We’ve experienced some challenging times during the set-up of the facility, but throughout the years, our confidence has grown and everyone walks around with a smile these days. With table soccer and darts competitions, we are strengthening the team spirit. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we have to keep some distance and some of these activities are put on hold. But the team spirit remains strong! I’m proud to play a role in the success and improvements of this facility and the staff that works here.

Working for an industry leader
A lot has changed over the many years I’ve been with Jiffy. But some aspects have remained the same. First is the feeling that we’re doing it together. Everyone is equally important and that creates confident and proud colleagues. Second is respect. Respect is something that defines Jiffy’s way of working. It’s a large and interesting company, with colleagues that are approachable and respectful. I think that’s why I have never left..

Richard in his element.