Meet Martijn – QHES Manager

Hi! My name is Martijn Keijzer, and I’ve been with Jiffy for 12,5 years. I’m a QHES manager at the 1Plant production location in the Netherlands. QHES stands for Quality, Health, Environment and Safety.

QHES manager – 1Plant
Being part of the QHES department means that I am responsible for the implementation of the global and local QHES policies. Therefore, I also play a role in the local management team. At this production location, we produce high quality substrates. That means that raw materials come in by bulk and are then carefully blended to create perfect recipes. These mixes are specifically tailored to client-specific growing methods.

Jiffy is known for superior quality. Obviously, that quality needs to be safeguarded at all times. But that’s not all. I also make sure that Jiffy is a safe and healthy place to work. I am also concerned with ensuring that Jiffy is a safe and healthy place to work, monitoring that our location complies to all the rules. Of course, the (sourcing of) raw materials, as well as the end products have to meet quality standards. Some of the standards we use are ISO 9001 (product quality) and ISO 14001 (environment). We also meet the RHP certification, a proof of substrate safety for (food) growers.

Continuous improvement
As you can read, I have a pretty versatile and demanding position within Jiffy. I carry the responsibility to make sure that we produce a quality product in a responsible way.

Continuous improvement is a process in which all employees and managers are involved. Therefore, listening is an important part of improving processes and working towards our common goal. As we have made several important steps forward in recent years, I have also learnt the importance of ‘celebrating’ these advancements together.

Working for Jiffy
In my 12,5 years with Jiffy, I’ve experienced the internal culture through and through. And one aspect stands out: a personal and informal atmosphere, yet still professional. I really appreciate that. Other important values are honesty, respect, taking responsibility, and having an open minded attitude.

This is an industry that is constantly moving and innovating. Working for a big player like Jiffy, there are lots of opportunities to keep growing, both as a professional and as a person.

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