Meet Kjell – Maintenance Leader Electric / Computer

Hi, my name is Kjell Arne Vinjusveen, and I have been with Jiffy for a long time. 30 years, to be exact. I am part of the Local Management Team (LMT) & Maintenance Leader Electric / Computer at JPN (Norway).

Production Environment
During my work, I make sure that the production runs smoothly. Here at JPN, we produce peat pellets. Anything that deals with electrical jobs, I take care of. I keep track of all the activities at this location in Norway, as well as JPN’s worldwide contacts. That is probably my favorite part of this job: The possibility to interact with many people –from all over the world and in addition, to the local staff.

Dedicated Jiffy family
I like my department because they’re all very skilled and qualified people. The mutual atmosphere is superb. Which is explained by how long people stick with Jiffy here. Before hiring 8 new people this spring, we were 19 employees (+3 apprentices) with an average of 32 years at Jiffy!

Overcoming challenges, together
Being challenged in so many ways is something that makes working for Jiffy so  exciting. I don’t face the challenges alone, I have my team, and we support and trust each other. The culture within the organization is one of delivering quality and producing effectively. But first and foremost: the will to always improve.

Quality over speed
We believe that a job is better done once, and with care, than quick and careless. I think that fits our sustainable way of thinking. However, sometimes I don’t have time to do things perfect. That is difficult because I don’t like compromising on quality. Luckily, after many years of experience, I have become much better at time management. 

Well, to summarize: after many years of service I still love the opportunity to be a creative part of feeding and beautifying the world in an exciting company.

One of the production rooms at Jiffy Group Norway.