Meet Maarten – Trainee

At Jiffy we like the input of young people. With their open mind they inspire us to change and be ready for the new way of working in a digital age. We chat to Maarten, who started his Traineeship in Marketing where he helps aligning all sales plans and upgrades this process.

The start
Maarten joined Jiffy in August 2019, after a previous internship of 4 months. The Horti-business and the broad challenges within in it, really surprised him: “From the outside Horticulture has quite a traditional image, but I discovered a real innovative world of growing food and flowers. Growers are much more automated than I ever imagined”.

In horticulture, I discovered a real innovative world of growing food and flowers. Growers are much more progressive than I ever imagined.

Why a Traineeship?
A Traineeship is ideal to create a bond between young talent and Jiffy, while also offering ways to learn and develop him/herself to be of value to Jiffy. The combination of working and learning on and off the job, creates a fruitful environment for the trainee to grow professionally. Next to that, a traineeship offers flexibility to work on projects across different departments to ensure that the trainee is able to find his or her professional interests. Similarly, this can help Jiffy in finding a suitable position for the trainee and his or her qualities.

What kind of projects do you work on?
This entirely depends on the interest of the trainee and the projects available at that time. Because Jiffy is vertically well-integrated, there are numerous business activities along the supply chain that offer a wide variety of possible projects in different departments. The flexibility that comes with my position is clearly represented in the selection of projects I’m involved with.

What made you join Jiffy?
Jiffy plays an important part in the complete growing cycle of a plant and offers a lot of potential to improve the efficiency of resources used in the production of food and flowers. I think this kind of company can play an important role in preserving the environment as much as we can. Next to that, Jiffy is represented in every continent in the world. This makes for an international and dynamic work environment, which is interesting and motivating. Furthermore, Jiffy values the input from the younger generation like me, while the senior generation is more than happy to share experiences, give advice and coach when needed. There is so much knowledge left to gain, I don’t think I’ll be done here anytime soon.